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MP Board Class 8th Special English Grammar Prepositions

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A Preposition is a word placed before a noun or a pronoun to show its relation to some other word in the sentence; as:

1. He is true to his word.
2. They boy fell into the pit.

Chief Prepositions: At, on, in, to, by, with, for, from, out, of, up, under, upon, about, before, behind, between, beneath, within, without etc.

Use of Some Prepositions

1. At. In: At छोटे स्थान के लिए और in बड़े स्थान के लिए प्रयोग किया जाता है:
जैसे –
1. He lives at Najaf Garh.
2. We live in India.

2. In, Into: In स्थिति का बोध कराता है, परन्तु Into गति प्रकट करता है; जैसे –
1. The boys are in the class room.
2. We went into the class room.

3. With, By: With यन्त्र के साथ और By कार्य करने वाले के लिए प्रयोग किया जाता है; जैसे –
1. He cut the apple with a sharp knife.
2. The snake was killed by the farmer.

4. Since, For: Since निश्चित समय के लिए और For समय की अवधि के लिए प्रयोग किया जाता है; जैसे –
1. She has been knitting since morning.
2. Ram has been sick for two days.

5. Between, Among: Between दो आदमियों या वस्तुओं के लिए प्रयोग किया जाता है Among दो से अधिक के लिए; जैसे –
1. Divide these fruits between Mohini and Radha.
2. The man divided his property among his four sons.

6. On, Upon: On गतिहीन वस्तुओं की ओर और Upon गतिशील की ओर संकेत करता है; जैसे –
1. The mother is on the roof.
2. The dog jumped upon the table.

7. In, Within: In का तात्पर्य समय की समाप्ति पर, जबकि Within का तात्पर्य है समय की अवधि के अन्दर। (अर्थात् निश्चित समय के पूर्व) जैसे –
1. I shall come back in a week. (एक सप्ताह की समाप्ति पर)
2. I shall come back within a week. (एक सप्ताह समाप्त होने से पूर्व)

8. Below, Beneath: Below से पद का पता चलता है, जबकि Beneath स्थान का बोध कराता है। जैसे –
1. He is below me in rank.
2. The lion is sleeping beneath a tree.

9. Beside, Besides: Beside का अर्थ है पास और Besides का अर्थ है अतिरिक्त। जैसे –
1. She sat beside me.
2. Besides Raj, other boys came.

Exercise (1)

Fill in the blanks with suitable preposition selecting from those given in brackets:

1. I went to Bhopal _______ May. (on, in, at)
2. She bought this pen _______ ten rupees. (of, for in)
3. The monkey jumped _______ the river. (in, into, on)
4. He ran _______ the thief. (with, into, after)
5. We started _______ five _______ the morning (on, at, in)
6. He plucked an apple _______ the tree. (out, on, from)
7. The teacher beat him _______ a cane. (by, from, with)
8. He does not agree _______ me. (in, by, with)
9. Sita came _______ school (in, from, out)
10. The child fell _______ the well. (in, into, at)

Exercise (2)

Complete the following sentences by filling the suitable prepositions in the blanks :

1. I have not slept _______ yesterday.
2. He spoke _______ me _______ English.
3. She brought a doll _______ the market _______ two rupees.
4. The building was destroyed _______ fire.
5. You learn the poem _______ heart.
6. The furniture is made _______ wood.
7. Boys go to school _______ 10 o’cloek.
8. Raj lives _______ Calcutta
9. He lives _______ this building.
10. The game will begin 10 o’clock.

Fixed Prepositions

1. Afraid of : A cat is afraid of dogs.
2. Acquit of : The judge acquitted him of all the charges.
3. Assure of : I assure you of my help.
4. Aware of : Are you your faults of not aware.
5. Beg of : Gangu begged mercy of Hari.
6. Beware of : Beware of cheats.
7. Come of : Nanu and Nupur come of the family of writers.
8. Consist of: This book consists of three hundred pages.
9. Convict of : Jag Mohan was convicted of pick-pocketing.
10. Die of : Many men die of cholera every year.
11. Dispose of : I have disposed of my old scooter.
12. Enquire of : I enquired of him about his health.
13. Hope of : He has no hope of success.
14. Relieve of : This medicine will relieve you of your pain.
15. Taste of : This water tastes of salt.
16. Warn of : She warned me of the coming danger.
17. Abound in : This tank abounds in fish.
18. Arrive in : The Prime Minister will arrive in Delhi tomorrow.
19. Bask in : Let us bask in the sun.
20. Believe in : We should not believe in ghosts.
21. Call in : Please call in the doctor.
22. Confide in : I confide in my niece.
23. Consist in : Beauty consists in simplicity.
24. Deal in : Her father deals in sugar.
25. End in : All her efforts ended in smoke.
26. Fail in : She failed in her mission.
27. Fill in : Fill in the following blanks.
28. Give in : The enemy gave in at last.
29. Indulge in : Do not indulge in idle talks.
30. Interfere in : Do not interfere in other’s work.
31. Succeed in : You cannot succeed in the examination.
32. Trust in : Trust in God and do the right.
33. Aim at : The hunter aimed at the deer.
34. Angry at : Your father was angry at your misconduct.
35. Arrive at : You have arrived at the wrong decision.
36. Bark at : Dogs always bark at the strangers.
37. Catch at : A drowning man catches at a straw. ”
38. Grieve at : Do not grieve at your loss.
39. Grumble at : Do not grumble at your lot.
40. Knock at : Do not knock at my door.
41. Laugh at : Never laugh at the helpless.
42. Point at : The child pointed at the bird.
43. Wonder at : I wondered at the sight of the Taj.
44. Absent from : Sushma is absent from school today.
45. Abstain from : I abstain from smoking.
46. Differ from : My book differs from yours.
47. Escape from : The thief escaped from the police station.
48. Part from : The bride parted from her parents in tears.
49. Prevent from : The teacher prevented her from entering the classroom.
50. Protect from : The umbrella protects us from sun and shower.
51: Recover from : She has recovered from illness.
52. Ask for : He asked me for a loan of money.
53. Blame for : Do not blame anybody for your failure.
54. Care for : He does not care for my advice.
55. Die for: A soldier should be ready to die for his country.
56. Feel for : The rich should feel for the poor.
57. Fight for : We should fight for our rights.
58. Grieve for : Do not grieve for your parents.
59. Hope for : Always hope for the best.
60. Live for : We should fight for our country.
61. Long for : Do not long for a very long life.
62. Look for : I am looking for my lost purse.
63. Pay for : You will have to pay for your folly.
64. Pray for : Should I pray for your welfare.
65. Prepare for : We should be prepared for the worst.
66. Send for : Send for the doctor at once.
67. Take for : The police took him for a thief.
68. Wait for : I am waiting for my friend.
69. Agree with : I cannot agree with you.
70. Angry with : Do not be angry with me.
71. Begin with : The function began with a song.
72. Charge with : He has been charged with murder.
73. Compare with : Compare this apple with that.
74. Deal with : You should deal with all in a polite way.
75. Differ with : I differ with you on this point.
76. Disagree with : I disagree with you on this point.
77. Fight with : We must not fight with our neighbours.
78. Fill with : Fill this cup with tea.
79. Interfere with : Do not interfere with others.
80. Mix with : Do not mix with idlers.

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