MP Board Class 8th Social Science Solutions Chapter 25 Antarctica

MP Board Class 8th Social Science Chapter 25 Antarctica Text Book Exercise

MP Board Class 8th Social Science Chapter 25 Antarctica Very Short Answer Type Questions

Mp Board Class 8 Social Science Solution Chapter 25 Question 1.
In which hemisphere Antarctica is located?
Antarctica lies completely in the Southern Hemisphere with the South Pole almost in its centre.

Mp Board Class 8 Social Science Chapter 25 Question 2.
What is the place of Antarctica in size in the world?
In size, it is the fifth largest continent.

Class 8 Social Science Chapter 25 MP Board Question 3.
What is a iceberg?
A large mass of ice floating in the sea. It is at least five metres high above the sea level.

Mp Board Solution Class 8 MP Board Question 4.
What is ice cap?
An area of a few square kilometres which is covered with snow and ice permanently is called ice caps.

Mp Board Solution Class 8th Social Science Question 5.
What is a Krill?
Krill is a fish found in Antarctica. Krills are very smaller fish. They are found in swarms which are the food of whale, real, penguins and birds. They provide a variety of products such as fish meat, krill meat paste and krill protein.

MP Board Class 8th Social Science Chapter 25 Antarctica Short Answer Type Questions

Mp Board Solution Class 8 Social Science Question 1.
Describe about the exploration of Antarctica continent?
The mainland of Antarctica Continent firs discovered in 1820 but real exploration began only in the Twenties century. After captain Cook one by one travellers went in reach of this snow filled continent and many teams among them wire buried under the sheet of ice.

Captain Robert Falcon Scot of British Navy was successful. He left for Antarctica in 1910 with his team and reached there in 1912 but there he found the flag of Norway which was hoisted by first Norwegian traveller Roald Amansen who had reached there on 20 Oct. 1911. The India has also sent team of scientists to this continent. The Indian team has explored a sea mountain.

Class 8 Sst Mp Board Solution  Question 2.
Describe the physical structure of Antarctica?
About ninety-eight percent of Antarctica is permanently covered by ice. It has an average thickness of two to five kilometres. A Greater part of Antarctica is rugged and mountainous. Shores are steep. Queen Maud Range divides the continent in almost two halves. Mt. Erebus a five volcano is the most picturesque land-mark on the continent.

Class 8th Sst Mp Board Solution Question 3.
Why Antarctica is called the White Continent?
It is the only continent in the world, which remains completely frozen throughout the year. An endless white sheet of ice covers the continent hence it is also known as the white continent.

Question 4.
Write about the resources of Antarctica.
The land surface in Antarctica is mostly barren and is very cold desert. The sea is very generous and bountiful. Penguins, the sea birds and seals are abundant. Whales are also found here. The international law prohibits killing of these sea animals on large scale to preserve the environment.

A small fish called Krill is found in swarns extending upto 100 metres or more. They may provide a variety of products such as fish meat. Krill is full of protein and is also used as meat paste.

It is believed that precious animals are hidden below the surface of ice sheet in Antarctica deposits of coal, iron ore and copper have been found but due to severe hindrance there minerals have been not utilized till today.

MP Board Class 8th Social Science Chapter 25 Antarctica Long Answer Type Questions

Question 1.
Describing the vegetation and life of Antarctica explain why people cannot lives permanently here?
The land surface is mostly barren and is very cold. The paucity of sun rays creates hurdles in growth in trees so there is little vegetation here and the area where vegetation grow in few weeks of summer. Lichens, watergrass and fungus are the vegetation here.

There are over 200 species of lichens in this continent. The insects on the land are minute invertebrate but sea is bountiful. Penguins, blue whales, seal, albastross and Krill fish the prominently found. Antarctica is the most coldest and isolated continent. The fast ice winds blow and there is ice everywhere. In such harsh climate life is impossible so the human beings cannot live here permanently.

Question 2.
Why Antarctica is called the dedicated continent for science? Write about the camps established by Indian in Antarctica?
Though Antarctica is a vast size but it has little offer by way of material resources but it provides unique opportunities to scientists to learn more about the earth. This continent, therefore, is also called a continent dedicated for science. People have created liveable environments whether the stations established by them.

Since 1982 to 2006 Indian scientists have been visiting Antarctica continent. They have established a unmanned permanent base camp ‘Dakshin Gangotri’ for this purpose in 1992. Indian scientists have also explored a sea mountain during their visit and they have named it ‘Indra’. In 1988-89 the VIIIth Indian team established a manned friendship camp, 70 km far from‘Dakshin Gangotri’.

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