MP Board Class 8th Social Science Solutions Chapter 22 Major Problems of the World

MP Board Class 8th Social Science Chapter 22 Text Book Exercise

Choose the correct option of the following.

Mp Board Class 8 Social Science Solution Chapter 22 Question 1.
When Indian Parliament was attacked by the terrorist?
(a) 10 December 1999
(b) 11 September 2001
(c) 11 November 2002
(d) 13 December 2001
(d) 13 December 2001

Class 8 Social Science Chapter 22 Question 2.
What is Al-Queda?
(a) A political group
(b) A terrorist organisation
(c) A magazine
(d) None of the above
(b) A terrorist organisation

Fill in the blanks:

  1. Noise is an undesirable………….
  2. At present the quantity of carbon oxide prevalent in atmosphere is more than …………….. percent.


  1. sound
  2. 3%

MP Board Class 8th Social Science Chapter 22 Very Short Answer Type Questions

Mp Board Class 8 Social Science Chapter 22 Question 1.
What is meant by ‘environment’?
All that surrounds us is our environment. Environment consists of all living and non-living matter that exists around us. There is a close relationship between organism and environment. Essential constituents necessary for life are continuously cycled among different spheres. Thus all physical element and biotic elements together constitute environment.

Mp Board Class 8 Social Science Solutions Chapter 22 Question 2.
What measurer terrorists resort to achieve their aims?
The following are the measurer taken by terrorist to achieve their arms:

  • The activities of terrorists are anti-govt, and against society.
  • They have political goals.
  • Their activities are illegal and against-law.
  • The terrorists create terror among people.
  • The terrorists resort to violent means.
  • Terrorism kills the logical thinking.
  • The terrorists try to demoralize the confidence of security forces.
  • The terrorists use religious frenzy to fulfill their goals.
  • They pose threat to the security, peace and integrity of the nation.
  • They instigate other separatist forces in the country.

MP Board Class 8th Social Science Chapter 22 Short Answer Type Questions

Class 8 Social Science Chapter 22 Question Answer Question 1.
What is Lithosphere?
The layer of the earth consisting of rock materials, extending both over the constituents and ocean basins.

Class 8 Sst Mp Board Solution Question 2.
What is meaning of liberalization?
Liberalisation means relaxation of government regulations relating to various activities in industrial and service sectors and encouragement of foreign companies to set up business and production units within the domestic area.

Mp Board Solution Class 8 Social Science Question 3.
What short of sound pollution is?
The noise is an undesirable sound which is not a kin to ears. Too much nosier increases mental tension resulting in various physiological diseases. Sound of machines in factories, sound of horn sound of aero-planes is a kind of sound pollution.

MP Board Class 8th Social Science Chapter 22 Long Answer Type Questions

Mp Board Solution Class 8 Sst Question 1.
Describe the major sources which pollute waters?

1. Natural causes of water pollution:
Few natural substances also pollute water. These include different gases, soil, minerals, vegetation, dead animals etc.

2. Human resources of water pollution are –

(a) Excreta:
The stool and urine emanating from home and public toilets are diverted into rivers and water resources.

(b) Home Waste:
Soaps and detergents used in the cleaning of utensils, washing floor and clothes pollute water.

(c) Industrial Waste:
The industrial wastes which has a lot of fatal chemicals is directly flown into rivers, ponds.

Mp Board Solution Class 8th Social Science Question 2.
Mention the measures to check water and air pollution?

  • Water pollution can be checked by avoiding to flow chemicals of industries and dirty wastes mixed in water in rivers, seas, canals, lakes directly.
  • To use the electric Crematorium to bum the dead bodies.
  • To take help from voluntary bodies like Sulabh International to stop pollution occurring due to flow of excreta.

To check the air pollution the following measures should be taken:
Construction of chimneys in plants should be very high and to be inspected by pollution Control Board.

  • To ban the use of raw coal as wood as fuel.
  • To close the open sewage.
  • To make aware the people and deforestation be stopped.
  • Effective laws should be enacted.

Class 8th Sst Mp Board Solution Question 3.
Write a note on terrorist problem.
Terrorism is a violent struggle against a country. It is a crime against humanity. It has no boundaries. They commit crimes and cause bloodshed without any sense. Terrorism is a goal-oriented political weapon who uses violence to achieve their political motivations.

It uses violence to cause widespread panic fear to achieve their goal. Today the world is facing most serious challenge in the form of terrorism. It causes a great loss of human being and their belongings.

Terrorism is goal-oriented political weapon. That’s why terrorist resort to violence to create an atmosphere of fear and terror. They always targeted innocent people who are unable to resist, to cause fear. They also kill leaders, destroy national property and attack armed forces.

The action of violence is thus performed to make people bared and to convey the message to the government and the public. They make the government demoralize and persuade to take the action of violence. It is serious problem for V humanity.

Question 4.
Describe the effects of globalisation?
Globalisation brings a lot of changes in India. Indian government adopted a new economic policy in start of the last decade of the 20th century. Private sectors are taking many activities which was earlier carried out by government sponsored public sector. It changes the social, economical and political way in India.

Many foreign companies are established. Goods, which were consider luxury items come to reach in the general public. The telecommunications sector has been enormous growth. In the past, people have to struggle a lot to get a telephone connection but now we have about 20 million cellular phone users and it is growing from day- to-day.

Opportunities for high skilled persons increases. Now they, are highly paid. Unfortunately, everything do not bring always good and India cannot left untouched to the bad impact of globalisation. The greatest problem of this phenomenon is unemployment. It is still increasing. The gap between have’s and have’s not widened. Competition among peoples increased. That makes them more vulnerable to bed practices.

MP Board Class 8th Social Science Solutions