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MP Board Class 7th Special English Solutions Revision Exercises 1

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Question 1.
Write the central idea of the poem ’My Land’.
The poet is all praise for his motherland. He would feel pride in serving and defending her.

Question 2.
How does a dictionary help us?
A dictionary helps us in looking up the correct spellings of the words.

Question 3.
Where was the merchant going one day?
He (the merchant) was going to a town one day.

Question 4.
What fell into the princess’ eye?
The train of camels fell (right) into the princess’s eye.

Question 5.
How did the farmer make the\merchant pay him up?
A As.
Farmer framed the story cleverly to make the merchant pay him.

Question 6.
Whom did the lion appoint as his Courtiers and why?
The lion appointed the crow, the fox and the leopard as his courtiers. He did so for the following reasons. The fox was wise and clever. The leopard was alert and swift-footed. The crow could fly high.

Question 7.
Why did the three advisers smile mysteriously?
The lion and the three advisers were tired and hungry. They looked at the camel intently. Then they looked at each other. With their looks they planned to entrap the camel. Therefore, they smiled mysteriously.

Question 8.
What was the problem that the great emperor Akbar was not able to solve?
Akbar drew a line on a piece of paper. The problem that the great emperor Akbar was not able to solve was how to make the line short.

Question 9.
What was the day fixed to fetch the horse?
Any other day than the week days was fixed to fetch the horse.

Question 10.
What does the wasp ask the bee?
The wasp asks the bee why the people love her better than him.

Word Power

A. Write the meaning and make sentences of the words given below:
MP Board Class 7th Special English Chapter Revision Exercises 1 1
MP Board Class 7th Special English Chapter Revision Exercises 1 2

B. Give one word for the following:

  1. A person who is kept in a prison…….
  2. A person who advises………..
  3. A person who buys and sells goods in large quantities……….
  4. One who remains faithful …………
  5. An area full of sand …………..


  1. Prisoner
  2. Adviser
  3. Whole seller
  4. Loyal
  5. Desert

Grammar in use

A. Fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions:

  1. The members …………this family are.
  2. Very fond ………… watching.
  3. TV ………… night.
  4. They love ………… watch all the serials.
  5. Which are telecast ……….. various channels.


  1. of
  2. of
  3. at
  4. to
  5. on

B. Fill in the following blank spaces a, an, the as required:

  1. English is not ………… easy language.
  2. He is ………. cleverest boy in ………… class.
  3. She is ……….. old woman of ninety.
  4. The train was ………… hour late.
  5. I saw ……………. cat, ……….. cow and ………… horse.


  1. an
  2. the, the
  3. an
  4. an
  5. a, a, a

Let’s Write

1. You are Reena Mishra. Your sister is getting married next month. Write an invitation to your friend asking her to come at least for a week before so that she can enjoy all the programmes of marriage.
2. Write one funny incident of your life.
3. Write a paragraph on My Mother Land.
4. Write a letter to your friend describing your visit to a hill station.
5. Write a paragraph on good manners.
1. Invitation of friend on sister’s marriage.

F-4, Dr. R.P. Colony,
Dated 8th June, 2006

My Dear Ram Lai,
You will be glad to know that my sister’s marriage ceremony comes off next month. The marriage party will come from Delhi. I am inviting you to my sister’s marriage. You must come at least a week before it. I have invited some other friends also. But I need you most, because of your experience. You can also enjoy all the programmes of marriage. All the things will be bought in your presence. Please do come. More when we meet.

Yours ever,
Reena Mishra

2. A Funny Incident of My Life :

Life is full of incidents. Some incidents are happy. Others are sad or even funny. One day I received a telegram. Its message was ‘your dear friend Hari has met with a serious accident’. Come soon to Dayal Nursing Home where he is breathing his last. I hired a three wheeler and started for Najafgarh. I was about to enter the Nursing Home when my friend called me. He asked me in which ward my father was admitted. I could understand nothing. He showed me a telegram. The message of his telegram was-your friend will come to visit his father in Nursing Home at 4 p.m. today, please reach there and meet him. Later, we realised that it was the 1st April day.

3. My Mother Land

Read the Summary of the poem ‘My Land’.

4. Letter to friend describing your visit to a hill station.

476-L Model Town,
17th July, 2006

Dear Madhuri
I have returned from Simla. Being sick of the heat of Delhi, I had gone to Simla in the first week of June. It is, you know the best hill-station. It has various picnic spots such as Jakhu, Prospects Hill, Glenn, Chedwich Falls etc.
We used to go to the Mall every night and enjoyed the scenic beauty of hills. Warm clothes and umbrellas were used every day there was greenery all around. It was very pleasant to be in bed with blankets in June. The Mall and the Ridge gave the impression of fashion parade. We visited the Hanuman Mandir on every Tuesday.
Rest when we meet with love.

Yours sincerely,
Manoj Kaushik

5. Good Manners :

Good manners are taught to us by our parents, teachers and elders. We show good manners by what we say and the way we say it. Good manners are also expressed by the way we behave and conduct ourselves. Being polite and considerate is good manners. Being rude and arrogant in our words and deeds shows bad manners. Similarly, being quarrelsome and argumentative is bad manners.

Speaking softly and gently is good manners. If a person shouts it is bad manners. Using abusive and offensive language is also bad manners. It is good manners to use appropriate language at all times. One who uses words like thank you, sorry, pardon and welcome in an appropriate way shows good manners.

People around us are friendly with us and appreciate us if we are good mannered. If we are good mannered we can live a life of peace, harmony and good cheer.

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