MP Board Class 7th Social Science Solutions Chapter 31 Europe: Economic Features

MP Board Class 7th Social Science Chapter 31 Text Book Questions

Match column ‘A’ with column ‘B’:
MP Board Class 7th Social Science Solutions Chapter 31 Europe Economic Features-1
1. (d) Wheat
2. (a) Grapes
3. (b) Watches
4. (e) Load and unloading
5. (c) Sparse population

Fill in the blanks:

  1. More than ………….. per – cent of the population of Europe depend on agriculture for their livelihood.
  2. ………….. is known as the “Bread Bowl” of the world.
  3. …………… is made from sugar beat.
  4. …………… is the capital of France.
  5. ……………. of the population of Europe is literate.


  1. 15%
  2. Ukraine
  3. Sugar
  4. Paris
  5. 90%

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MP Board Class 7th Social Science Chapter 31 Short Answer Type Questions

Question 1.
What is meant by mixed farming?
Combination of cultivation of crops and rearing of animals in the same system is called mixed farming.

Question 2.
Which types of crops are cultivated in the Mediatarranean region?
The cultivation of juicy fruits is done in the Meditarranean region.

Question 3.
Write the name of any four coal producing countries of the world.
Germany, Poland, Russia and Ukraine.

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Question 4.
Which countries of Europe produce wind energy?
Holland, Belgium and Denmark are the countries of Europe which produce wind energy.

MP Board Class 7th Social Science Chapter 31 Long Answer Type Questions

Question 1.
Describe the industrial development of European countries.
Europe is the center of modern industries. The most important industry of Europe is iron and steel industry. This industry developed coal and iron are found there in plenty. The countries which lead in this industry are Russia, Germany, Italy, France, Poland, Britain, Romania, Spain, Belgium and Czech Republic.

Besides heavy industries like railway engines and coaches, Motor – cars, Ships, Aircraft, Engineering goods, etc, other goods like electric goods, chemicals, Oil Refineries, Cement etc. are also manufactured. Switzerland, Denmark, Belgium, Austria etc.

are famous for watches, electric goods, medicines, and cosmetic products. Not only mineral based industries are flourishing but agriculture based industries can also be found in abundance in the European countries.

For example we can mention flour industry, biscuits and bread industry, sugar industry, woolen and silk industry, butter, cheese, milk powder from milk etc. The woods of Taiga region are used to manufacture paper and paper pulp and artificial fibers. In this way Europe has made great progress in die field of industries.

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Question 2.
How have the mineral resources helped in the development of industries?
Europe is famous for its mineral wealth. Due to the availability of minerals in huge quantity the countries of Europe have made great progress in the field of industries. The important minerals found in Europe are coal, iron, oil and natural gas. Needless to say that these are very essential for economic development. Germany, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Czech Republic are famous for coal production.

Iron is found in Russia, Sweden, France, Britain, Spain and Czech Republic. Petroleum is found in Russia, Poland, UK and Romania. Besides these manganese, sulpher, mica, tin, gold, copper, potash and limestone are also extracted. Wind energy is produced in Holland, Belgium and Denmark.

Map works – mark the following in the map of Europe:

  1. Fruit cultivating area
  2. Three countries famous for milk production
  3. Paris, London, Rome, Berlin and Madrid cities.

MP Board Class 7th Social Science Solutions Chapter 31 Europe Economic Features-3

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