MP Board Class 7th Social Science Solutions Chapter 23 The Administration of the Mughal and the Life of the People

MP Board Class 7th Social Science Chapter 23 Text Book Questions

Choose the correct alternatives:

Class 7 Social Science Chapter 23 Question 1.
During the Mughal period the Di-wan or Wazir looked after:
(a) The income & expenditure
(b) The army
(c) Home affairs
(d) Judicial affairs
(a) The income & expenditure

Mp Board Class 7th Social Science Chapter 23 Question 2.
The main occupation of the people during the Mughal rule was:
(a) Agriculture
(b) Timber industry
(c) Foreign trade
(d) None of the above
(a) Agriculture

Mp Board Solution Class 7 Social Science Question 3.
Which new faith was propagated by Akbar:
(a) Din-i-illahi
(b) Bhakti Movement
(c) Sikhism
(d) All the above
(a) Din-i-illahi

Fill in the blanks:

  1. The court language was …………. during the Mughal period. (Sanskrit, Arabic, Urdu and Pessian)
  2. During the reign of Akbar …………. was the great singer of India, (Tansen, Tulsidas, Raidas, Mirabai).
  3. The ………….. built by Shajahan is included in the world heritage site. (Jama Masjid, Redfort, Tajmahal, Hawaniahal)


  1. Urdus and Persian
  2. Tansen
  3. Tajmahal.

MP Board Class 7th Social Science Chapter 23 Short Answer Type Questions

Mp Board Solution Class 7th Social Science Question 1.
Write a short account of the administration of the Mughal period.
The Emperor was all powerful. He ruled with the help of his army. There were many Ministers to did and assist the Emperor, e.g. Wakil, Wazir or Diwan, Mirabakshi, Khan – i – sama, Qazi – ul – Qazat etc. Akbar introduced the provincial system of administration in his empire. He divided his empire in 18 Subas.

Mp Board Solutions.Com Class 7 Question 2.
Name of the items of import and export during the Mughal period.

1. Items of import:
Gold, Silver, Copper, Tin, Steel, Glass, Minors, Wines, Horses, Corals, Mercury etc.

2. Items of export:
Muslim, Spices, Turmeric, Gun powder, Indigo, opium, Sugar, Gum, Sugar candy, Precious stones etc.

Class 7 Social Science Mp Board Solution Question 3.
Give an account of Akbar’s religious policy.
Akbar followed a policy of broad religious toleration. He gave full religious freedom to die people. In 1594 he abolished the Jazia which was used by the Ulema to humiliate the non – Muslims. He abolished the pilgrim’s tax. Generally he removed himself from orthodoxy in Islam. He set up a new religion which was compounded of many existing religions Hinduism, Christianity, Zoroastrianism etc. This new religion was known as Din-i-Illahi.

MP Board Class 7th Social Science Chapter 23 Long Answer Type Questions

Mp Board Solution Class 7th Sst Question 1.
Describe with examples the development of architecture during the Mughal Period.
The Mughal Emperors were great lovers of architecture. The buildings of this period reflect the fusion of Hindu – Muslim – style of architecture. The tomb of Humayun is an excellent piece of architecture. Akbar built the city of Fatehpur Sikri in which besides Buland Darwaza many beautiful buildings were also constructed. Noorjahan built the tomb of her father Itmad – ud – daulah that was decorated wife precious gems.

The Tajmahal built by Shahjahan in fee memory of his Begun Mumtaz is fee best example of architecture of Mughal period. It has been included in fee World Heritage Site. Shahjahan also built – Jama Masjid at Delhi and Agra, The Red Fort of Delhi, Shish Mahal etc. The Moti Masjid was built by Aurangzeb. Thus we can find magnificent buildings during fee Mughal period.

MP Board Class 7th Social Science Solutions