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MP Board Class 7th General English Essay Writing

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1. Holi

India is the country where different festivals are celebrated every month. Most important festivals of India are Holi, Raksha Bandhan, Dusshera, Deepawali, Id and Christmas.

Holi is the festival of colours. People express their happiness by throwing colours on their friends, relatives and neighbours. They make fun. They use dry and wet colours.

People are lost in singing songs relating to the festival and season. They feel happy by welcoming their friends with sweetmeats and tea or coffee or cold drink. Sugarcane fields look full of cheerfulness of the farmers who work there. Grain fields look very beautiful.

Some people throw mud on one another and they shout. Everyone, small or big bears a smile on his face.

कठिन शब्द – different = अनेक; festivals = त्यौहार; celebrated = मनाये जाते हैं; express = प्रकट करना; fun = मजाक; dry and wet = सूखे और गीले; relating to = सम्बन्धित; season = मौसम; are lost = लीन हो जाते हैं; welcoming = स्वागत करके; sweetmeats = मिठाईयाँ; sugarcane fields=ईख के खेत; cheerfulness = प्रसन्नता; look = प्रतीत होते हैं; grain = अनाज; one another = एक-दूसरे पर; shout = शोर मचाते हैं; bear a smile = मुस्कुराहट लिए हुए; face = चेहरा।

2. My Hobby

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” There should be some amusement after work. A hobby is a thing which we do in our free time. There are several hobbies like singing, dancing, gardening etc. My hobby is gardening.

I have made a small garden. I grow vegetables, fruits and flowers in it. I work in my garden in the morning and in the evening. It gives me pleasure to work in the garden. It also saves money as I don’t have to buy vegetables from the market. It has also increased my knowledge of science. Gardening is a useful hobby as it controls pollution.

कठिन शब्द – amusement = मनोरंजन; pleasure = खुशी; saves = बचाना; increased = बढ़ाना; knowledge – ज्ञान; pollution = प्रदूषण; useful = उपयोगी।

3. My Pet Animal

I am fond of pet animals. Moti is my pet dog. It watches our house. It barks aloud if some stranger comes to our house. I take Moti for a morning walk daily. I throw a ball and Moti brings it back.

I feed it with bread and milk. I wash it daily. One night it started barking loudly. When we got up we saw some thieves trying to enter our house. Seeing us and Moti they ran away. Thus Moti saved us. I love Moti a lot.

कठिन शब्द – pet = पालतू; watch = निगरानी करना; feed = खिलाना; bark = भौंकना; loudly = तेज आवाज में; enter = घुसना; thieves = चोर; saved = बचाया।

4. Annual Day of My School

Every year in the month of February, ‘Annual day’ in our school in celebrated. Many students from different classes and sections participate in different games and activities. My friend Reeta from Class VII A, took part in 100 metre race. Other participants did their best. They all ran very fast but Reeta stood first in this race.

Reeta is the thinnest girl of her class but she is the strongest. She started from the very line and finished the race on it. Everyone praised her performance.

कठिन शब्द – annual day = वार्षिकोत्सव; celebrated = मनाया जाता है; different classes = भिन्न-भिन्न कक्षाओं के; sections = वर्गों के; participate = भाग लेते हैं; thinnest = सबसे पतली; strongest = सबसे अधिक ताकतवर; praised = प्रशंसा की; performance = कार्य प्रणाली के।

5. My Favourite Teacher

I study in Modern Public School, Raipur. There are many teachers in our school. But Mr. Gupta is my favourite teacher. He teaches us English. He is also our class teacher. He is smart and handsome. He works hard with his students. He helps weak students.

He teaches well. His examination results are always very good. He is both strict and kind. We obey him. He is also good at games. He plays cricket well. I like him very much.

कठिन शब्द – favourite = प्रिय; smart = चुस्त; handsome = सुन्दर; work hard = मेहनत करना; weak = कमजोर; well = अच्छा; strict = कठोर; obey = आज्ञा पालन करना।

6. A Journey by Train

In the last winter vacations my uncle invited us to spend a week in Delhi. My sister and I decided to leave for Delhi by the Taj Express.

We My sister and I reached the railway station at 4 p.m. I bought two tickets. We got into the train and occupied two seats. At 4:15 p.m. the train left Gwalior. After an hour it reached Morena. Then it started passing over the Chambal bridge very slowly. We saw the famous Chambal river and its ravines.

At 10:30 p.m. the train finally reached Nizamuddin railway station. Our uncle and aunt were waiting for us. They were very happy to see us. They took us home in their car.

कठिन शब्द – winter vacations = शीत अवकाश; invited = निमन्त्रण दिया; spend = बिताना; decide = निश्चय; reached = पहुँचे; bought = खरीदे; occupied = घेर लेना; ravines = बीहड़; wait = इन्तजार।

7. A Visit to A Market

I went to my uncle’s house in these summer vacations, in Agra. There I visited the Rajamandi Bazar with my cousin sister..

There was a large crowd in the market. All the shops were decorated with lights. There were shops of almost all articles. There were shops of gifts, garments, shoes, books, etc. Street vendors were also there selling various articles like purses, cosmetics etc. at cheaper rates.

I bought a pair of shoes and a nice dress for my sister. I really enjoyed there.

कठिन शब्द – crowd = भीड़; decorated = सजी हुई; articles = वस्तुएँ; cosmetics = सौन्दर्य प्रसाधन; enjoyed = लुल्फ उठाना

8. A Visit to a Circus

Last week my parents and I went to see the Apollo Circus. There was a huge crowd inside the tent. But we had special passes so we got a seat in front.

In the beginning there was a show of dwarfs.

They were so small in height and did such actions that everyone laughed. After that there were several small shows of different animals like monkey, elephant, lion, tiger. The ring master controlled them. There was also a belle dance. The dancers had a flexible body. In the end came the joker for whom I was waiting. He just made us laugh and laugh. I greatly enjoyed in the circus.

कठिन शब्द – special = ख़ास; dwarfs = बैन आदमी; beginning = शुरुआत में; flexible = लचीली।

9. My Best Friend

I have several friends but Raja is my best friend. He is my neighbour. He also studies in my class.

He is a very good boy. He is very intelligent. He always stands first in class. He is not proud. He helps his classmates. He is a ‘friend in need’. His father is a bank manager. His mother is a house wife.

He is good at sports and games too. He is cheerful and polite. I love him for his qualities and nature.

कठिन शब्द – several = कई; neighbour = पड़ोसी; studies = पढ़ता है; intelligent = बुद्धिमान; classmates = सहपाठी; house wife= गृहिणी; proud = घमण्डी; cheerful = प्रसन्नचित; qualities = गुण; nature = व्यवहार।

10. The Independence Day

15th August is an important day in the history of India. On this day in 1947 our country became free. It is our national festival. It is celebrated all over the country with great joy. We also celebrated it in our school this year.

All the students were in neat and clean uniforms. Our principal unfurled the national flag. We, then sang National Anthem. Some students presented different types of programmes. The principal gave speech in the end on our freedom fighters. The function was over after the distribution of sweets.

कठिन शब्द – important = महत्त्वपूर्ण; history = sfera; celebrated = 45MI; unfurled = 46<F1; freedom fighters = देशभक्त; distribution = वितरण।

11. My Mother

My mother is an ideal one. She is kind and affectionate. She loves her children very much. Whenever anyone of us falls ill,she is the one who tends and nutses the sick. Being of polished manners, she teaches us lessons on truthfulness, thrift and health. She also helps us in completing our home work. But she is strict also, and never tolerates any mischief in the house.

Her love towards her family is very great. She wishes to make her family ideal and for this she is always busy. She never neglects her duty. Out of immense love for the family she manages the kitchen, sews and washes clothes. She spares no pains in giving us comfort.

I am proud of my mother.

कठिन शब्द – affectionate = स्नेही; tends = सेवा करना; thrift = मितव्ययिता; tolerate = सहन करना; immense = अत्यधिक।

12. A policeman

A policeman looks very smart in his uniform. He is generally dressed in Khaki but policemen on traffic duty are clad in white. A policeman wears a cap with a badge of his department on his head. He wear’s a leather belt round his waist.

The duty of a policeman is very hard. He has to control traffic in the burning head of the sun and heavy rains. He has to look after the life and property of the public. He detects wrongdoers and brings them to book. He keeps law and order in the country.

The policeman is respected by public for his honesty and hard work. He, sometimes becomes impolite due to frustration caused by his hard duty. Certainly, our life and property are safe only by the presence of police force in our country.

कठिन शब्द – uniform = वेशभूषा; waist = कमर; wrong-doers = गलती करने वाले; impolite = अशिष्ट,अभद्र; frustration = निराशा कुण्ठा।

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