MP Board Class 6th Social Science Solutions Chapter 27 The Means of Transport in India

MP Board Class 6th Social Science Text Book Exercise Questions

Answer the following questions:

Question (a)
What are means of transport? Give two examples.
All the means used for moving from one place to another are called the means of transport.
Examples: Bus, railway, aeroplane, etc.

Question (b)
Write the names of the main means of transport in India.
The means of transport makes important contribution in linking far off places, social integrity and unity and defence of the country. Different means of transport move on different routes.
Example: cycle, bullock cart, buses and car moves on road; trains move on railway tracks aeroplane move in air and boats, ships move on water.

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Question (c)
State the difference between National and State Highways.
National Highways:

  1. National Highways join capital and the main cities of the country and extend upto the territorial boundaries of our country.
  2. These roads are managed and looked after by the Central Government.
  3. Grand Trunk Road (G.T. Road) are the National Highways.

State Highways:

  1. State Highways join main districts cities with the national highways. These roads limit upto the state boundaries only.
  2. These roads are looked after by the state Governments.
  3. Roads connecting two cities in a state are examples of State Highways.

Question (d)
Which National Highway connects Jabalpur and Jaipur.
National Highway 3 connects Jabalpur and Jaipur.

Question (e)
Into how many zones have the Indian Railways been divided? Name them.
The railways in India has been divided into nine zones for proper management. They are:

  1. Eastern Railway
  2. Northern Railway
  3. Southern Railway
  4. Central Railway
  5. North – East Frontier Railway
  6. South Central Railway
  7. South – Eastern Railway
  8. Western Railway
  9. North – Eastern Railway

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Question (f)
Which countries are connected by water transport from Mumbai and Kolkata harbours?
Karachi, Captown, Africa are connected by water transport from Mumbai and Yangun is connected by water transport from Koikata.

Question (g)
Name any four harbours of India.
The four harbours of India are Kandla, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata.

Question (h)
Why are the rivers of Southern India not appropriate for internal transport through water?
The rivers of Southern India flow on the hilly areas of the plateau which have much ups and downs. Therefore, they are not appropriate for water transport.

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Question 2.
Mark the following in the given map:

  1. National Highway No. 3 and 6.
  2. Mumbai – Chennai rail route
  3. Water route through Vishakhapatanam.
  4. Water route through Paradip.
  5. Delhi – Chennai air – route.
  6. Kolkata Harbour.

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