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MP Board Class 9th General English Essay Writing

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1. My Hobby

My Hobby Essay For Class 9 MP Board Introduction :
Hobby means some work done in free time. When a man gets time after doing his r routine work, he wants to enjoy. At this time if he does some different work, it is called his hobby. Hobbies are many such as painting, playing on some instruments, photography, stamp-collecting, gardening etc.

My Hobby—My hobby is gardening. I think it is the best hobby. Plants and trees are very useful for our life. They not only provide us food to eat, but also serve us in many ways. They make the air fresh and cool for us. They check the air pollution also. Plants give us flowers. Trees give-us fruits to eat and wood to bum. So I like trees and plants very much.

My Garden—There is no ground around our house. So I have planted several kinds of flowers in flower pots. I love flowers very much. I water the plants and care for them. I bring small plants from the nursery. I prepare the flower pots and then cultivate the plants. I give fertilizer to them. When buds appear, it gives me great pleasure. I wait for their blossoming into beautiful flowers. Sometimes when I get up in the morning and see the flowers my joy knows no bounds. My parents and other family members too become very happy to see them. Guests coming to our home appreciate my hobby.

Conclusion—Sometimes we sit in our small garden and do our home work or take tea and breakfast. It gives us great joy. My mind becomes sharp and my memory is increased in the company of flowers. Sometimes I see flowers in my dream and my
heart is filled with pleasure.

2. An Indian Festival

My Hobby Essay In English For 9th Class MP Board

Introduction—Diwali is an important festival of the Hindus. It often comes in the month of October or November every year. It is celebrated in the memory of Lord Ram’s return to Ayodhya after 14 years of exile. The people of Ayodhya welcomed Lord Ram graciously. They decorated their homes with flowers and lighted earthen lamps before their houses. Diwali is a remembrance of that day.

Preparations—Several days before people start preparing for this festival. They clean their houses and whitewash them. The merchants paint their shops and set them. The market gets a new look.

How Celebrated—People buy new clothes and new dresses. They buy many things for this festival. Children buy crackers. Ladies buy sarees and material for preparing sweets. People give presents to friends and relatives. Main days of celebration of Diwali are three—‘Dhan Teras’, ‘Roop Chaudas’ and ‘Diwali’ on Amavasya day. In the evening ladies and children bum candle and lamps. Many electric bulbs of several colours are also lighted.

Worship of Goddess Laxmi—On Diwali day people worship goddess Laxmi. They pray her for health, wealth and happiness for the whole year. The rich and the poor enjoy Diwali. Diwali also marks the end of the year.

Importance—Diwali is an all India festival. People of all parts of India and all communities celebrate’it. It is a festival of national importance. It promotes national unity also.

For AH People—All age groups of people enjoy celebration of Diwali. The rich and the poor all celebrate it as per their capacity.

Conclusion—Some people gamble and drink wine. Some are injured at the time of bursting crackers due to carelessness. However, Diwali brings happiness to every home in India.

3. Importance of Newspapers
Newspapers are the world’s mirrors.

My Hobby Paragraph For Class 9 MP Board

—James Ellis

Introduction—The word News is made up of four letters N, E, W and S. Each letter symbolises one direction. N stands for North, E for East; W for West and S for South. Hence, a newspaper is a paper that contains news of all directions—North, South, East and West.

A newspaper collects information about happenings in the world through news agencies and prints them on a paper.

Contents of a Newspaper—A newspaper contains political, social, economical, religious and several other kinds of news. Everybody finds something of his/her interest in it. Children, young persons as well as old persons find newspaper interesting. There is a column for market report exhibiting wholesale prices of a lot of articles of daily use and quoting market value of shares and stocks of leading concerns. So a man of business is also interested in it. Art, music, entertainment, games, general knowledge and all such things are there in a newspaper.

There are advertisements of various kinds in the newspapers. They inform us about new and useful inventions. They are a source of income for the newspaper. Advertisements concerning matrimonial alliance provide immense relief to parents in choosing consorts for their sons or daughters. Assorted advertisements provide an unfathomable relief to people of different sorts. Only because of these advertisements we get a newspaper within our reach price.

Importance of Newspapers—Newspapers guide and teach us. They try to educate and shape public opinion. They are necessary for a democratic society. They express the views of the public in a free and fearless manner. Most of us are too busy to think of the great problems of our country, so we rely upon- the newspaper and accept the view they present to us. We can also express our views under the column ‘Letters to the Editor’.

Conclusion—Newspaper is a powerful weapon. It is a measuring rod to determine the length of democracy in a country. And as such it should be handled carefully. Rumours and sensational news create a nasty atmosphere. Newspapers must present constructive and objective matter before their readers. They should not misuse freedom given to the press. Their criticism should not be biased. They should be impartial in their news and views.

4. Wonders of Science Or
Science is a Good Servant but a Bad Master

My Hobby Essay Class 9th MP Board

Introduction—It is the age of science. Science plays an important role in our life. It has made our life easier and comfortable. Science is a systematic way of knowledge and living.

Scientific Wonders—Science has given us many wonderful gifts. The various inventions of science are its wonders. We cannot imagine our life without them.

Various Inventions—Electricity is the most useful gift of science. It gives us light. Heaters, fans, coolers, refrigerators, computers etc., all work by electricity. It also runs machines and trains.

Medicine and Surgery—Science has given wonderful medicines. Vaccination helps us in preventing diseases like polio, cholera, small pox etc. It has brought down the death rate. Modem surgical equipment have made operations less painful.

Means of Communication—Today we amuse ourselves by watching television and listening to music on radio and tape recorder. Television has become a powerful medium of education and knowledge. U.G.C. and IGNOU lessons on television are very useful. Fast means of transport and communication help us to reach distant places in a short time.

Computers—Scientists have invented computers. These are wonderful inventions. Computers can do complex calculations and work quickly. They have solved a lot of problems of man.

Disadvantages of Science—-Everything has two sides. Science too has a dark side. The invention and production of atom bombs and other dangerous weapons are a great threat to the existence of humanity. They can destroy the world in seconds. Secondly, big factories, mills and other machines have polluted the atmosphere.

Conclusion—Science is a great help to modem man. If properly used it can make the life of man healthier and happier.

5. My Best Friend

Essay On My Hobby For Class 9 MP Board

Introduction— ‘No man is an island entire of itself’. We need someone to share our sorrows and joys. I have several friends but Pinki is my best friend. She studies in my class and is my neighbor.

Details—Pinki’s father is a businessman. He is a simple man. Her mother is a teacher. She is a virtuous lady. Qualities of her parents are present in Pinki also.

Her qualities—Pinki is an intelligent girl. She always stands first in class. But she is not proud. She is kind and cooperative. She helps her classmates. She is a ‘friend in need’ and thus ‘a friend indeed’. We go to school together and come home together.

Her love for games—She is good at sports and games too. Last year she won the badminton championship.

Why I like her—I like her because she has a very good nature. She is cheerful, kind, honest and truthful. She faces problems boldly. She always helps me. Everybody praises her. She bears a good moral character. She believes in simple living and high thinking.

Conclusion—A good person inspires others to be good. There is a saying that a person is known by the company he keeps. Thus her company inspires me to be good and become like her. I am proud of my friend.

6. My Mother

Essay My Hobby Class 9th MP Board

Introduction—‘A hand that rocks the cradle rules the world1. The above saying holds true as a child is only a mother’s reflection. ‘Mother, or mama’ the first word spoken by a child holds in itself the essence of love and care.

We can’t compare the relation of a mother with any other relation. Mother not only gives us birth but she brings us up as well, looks after us and gives all her attention to our well-being. She does many sacrifices for us.

My mother—My mother Mrs. Pramila Devi is an ideal mother. She is a symbol of love and sacrifice. She gets up early in the morning and works late till night. She keeps the home neat and clean. When I get up she gives me warm water to wash my mouth. She gives me hot tea to drink. She prepares food with keen interest. The food is tasty to eat. She pays attention to all my needs.

Education and other qualities—My mother is B.A. She has a good knowledge of several subjects especially of Hindi and English. She possesses a great experience of many arts. She knows knitting and sewing well. She instructs us in other fields too. My mother is religious minded. She worships God daily without fail.

Social side of my mother—My mother has good relations with our neighbours. She helps them at the time of their troubles. My mother helps the poor and the needy. She takes part in various social activities. She is a member of the Woman Organisation for helping the weaker sections of the society.

7. An Ideal Teacher

My Hobby Essay 9th Class MP Board

Introduction—I study in Modem Public School, Bhopal. It is a very good school. It has forty teachers. All the teachers are good but Mr. S. K. Gupta is my favorite teacher.

His personality and qualities—He is about thirty-five years old. He teaches us English. He is our class teacher too. He is smart and handsome.

He believes in ‘simple living and high thinking’. He works hard with his students. He takes extra classes on his student’s demand. He helps weak students. Mr. Gupta loves us as his younger brothers. We also respect him as our elder brother.

His method of teaching—He is very punctual. His teaching method is very good. He uses simple language in teaching, so we easily understand his lessons. His examination results are always very good. He’is both strict and kind. We obey him.

His love for sports—He is good at games. He plays cricket well. He is a good sportsman. He has created an interest for cricket among the boys.

Conclusion—Mr. Gupta, therefore, possesses all the qualities of an ideal teacher. I have great respect for him in my heart. I like him a lot.

8. The Books I Like Most

My Hobby Essay Class 9 MP Board

Introduction—Books are our best friends. They are treasures of knowledge. No one can feel lonely in their company. They also act as our guide and teacher.

My favorite book—My favorite book is the Ramayana written by the great poet Tulsidas. The book is full of conceptions of Indian philosophy. The greatest secrets of divine knowledge are explained in simple verse. Doubts shatter, pride melts away, evil thoughts escape and greed gallops away after its study.

About the theme—The story is too well-known to be narrated in details. The deep knowledge of Hindu culture over the book is quite clear. Ram represents all that is good. Ravan stands for the evil. Ram’s victory over Ravan means the victory of truth over falsehood, or good over evil.

Conclusion—The biggest number of commentaries have been written over it. It has been translated in more than 100 languages of the world and foreigners know India through it. When they read Ramayana, they know about India’s glory. They bow their heads in honor to India.

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