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MP Board Class 8th General English Solutions Revision Exercises 2

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Read and Learn
(पढ़ो और याद करें):
Students should do it themselves.

Word Power
(शब्द सामर्थ्य):

(A) Fill in the blanks:
(रिक्ति स्थान भरों:)

  1. Krishna Devaraya rewarded the artist with the chief minister-ship.
  2.  Raja Varma was a brilliant artist.

(B) Write ten words which have “unʼ/in’ as prefixes:
(दस शब्द लिखो जिनमे “unʼ/in’ उपसर्ग लगा हो: )
1. un – unsafe, unkind, uncover, uneven, unload.
2. in – invalid, indirect, incorrect, invisible, incomplete.

(C) Pick the odd one out:
(बेमेल शब्द छाँटो:)

1. clock, watch, tractor, timepiece
MP Board Class 8th General English Revision Exercises 2-1

2. thieves, ducks, robbers, pickpockets
MP Board Class 8th General English Revision Exercises 2-2
(D) Write the synonyms of:
(पर्यायवचि शब्द दें:)

  1.  join
  2.  move


  1.  unite
  2. progress.

(E) Write the rhyming words for:
(तुकान्त शब्द लिखें:)

  1. string
  2. high


    1. thing
    2. sky.

(बोध प्रश्न):

Question 1.
How did the King realize his mistake ?
(हाउ डिड द किंग रियलाइज़ हिज़ मिस्टेक ?)
राजा को अपनी गलती का अहसास कैसे हुआ ?
When Tenali Raman put a good carpenter to prepare food for the king, then the king realized his mistake.
(व्हेन तेनाली रामन पुट अ गुड कारपेन्टर टू प्रिपेअर फूड फॉर द किंग, देन द किंग रियलाइज्ड हिज मिस्टेक।)
जब तेनाली रामन ने एक बढ़ई को राजा के लिए खाना बनाने का काम दिया तो राजा को अपनी गलती का अहसास हुआ।

Question 2.
What is a disaster ?
(व्हॉट इज अ डिज़ास्टर ?)
विपत्ति क्या होती है ?
Disaster is an unexpected event which kills or injures a lot of people and causes lot of damage to property.
(डिजास्टर इज़ ऍन अनऐक्सपैक्टिड ईवेन्ट विच किल्स और इन्जर्स अ लॉट ऑफ पीपल एण्ड कॉजिज़ लॉट ऑफ डैमेज टू प्रॉपर्टी।)
विपत्ति एक आकस्मिक घटना होती है जिससे जान और माल की काफी हानि होती है।

Question 3.
Where do the birdies sleep?
(व्हेयर डू द बर्डीज़ स्लीप ?)
पक्षी कहाँ सोते हैं ?
Birdies sleep in the forks of the trees:
(बर्डीज़ स्लीप इन द फोर्स ऑफ द ट्रीज़।)
पक्षी पेड़ों की नई टहनियों में सोते हैं।

Question 4.
Why did Tenali Raman invite the king, queen and some courtiers to his house ?
(व्हॉय डिड तेनाली रामन इनवाइट द किंग, क्वीन एण्ड सम कोर्टियर्स टू हिज़ हाउस ?)
तेनाली रामन ने राजा, रानी और कुछ दरबारियों को अपने घर क्यों बुलाया ?
Tenali Raman invited the king, the queen and some courtiers to his house for lunch as: he wanted to execute the plan which he had thought to make the King realize that the artist is not eligible to be a Chief Minister.
(तेनाली रामन इनवाइटिड द किंग, द क्वीन ऐण्ड सम कोर्टियर्स टू हिज़ हाउस फॉर लंच ऐज़ ही वॉन्टिड टू ऐक्सिक्यूट द प्लान विच ही हैड थॉट, टु मेक, द किंग रीयलाइज दैट द आर्टिस्ट इज नॉट इलिजिबल टु बी अ चीफ मिनिस्टर।)
तेनाली रामन ने राजा, रानी और दरबारियों को अपने घर खाने पर बुलाया। क्योंकि वह अपनी योजना के अनुसार राजा को अहसास दिलाना चाहता था कि कलाकार मुख्यमंत्री बनने लायक नहीं है।

Question 5.
How is our life affected by floods ?
(हाउ इज़ आर लाइफ अफैक्टिड बाय फ्लड्स ?)
हमारा जीवन बाढ़ से कैसे प्रभावित होता है ?
There is destruction of life and property. Epidemics and soil erosion occur due to floods.
(देअर इज़ डिस्ट्रक्शन ऑफ लाइफ एण्ड प्रॉपर्टी। ऐपिडेमिक्स एण्ड सॉइल इरोजन अकर ड्यू टु फ्लड्स।)
बाढ़ आने से जान और माल की हानि होती है। महामारी फैलती है और क्षरण द्वारा धरती का नाश होता है।

Question 6.
What is the dog doing ?
(व्हॉट इज द डॉग डूइंग ?)
कुत्ता क्या कर रहा है ?
The dog is howling by the door of the house.
(द डॉग इज़ हाउलिंग बाय द डोर ऑफ द हाउस।)
कुत्ता घर के दरवाजे के पार गुर्रा रहा है।

Question 7.
What were her hobbies ?
(व्हॉट वर हर हॉबीज ?)
उसके प्रिय शौक क्या थे ?
Her hobbies were reading, flying, hiking, and bird – watching.
(हर हॉबीज़ वर रीडिंग, फ्लाइंग, हाइकिंग एण्ड बर्ड वॉचिंग.)
उसके शौक थे पढ़ना, उड़ना, लम्बी सैर करना व पक्षियों को देखना।

Question 8.
What do the balloons look like in the sky ?
The balloons look pretty in the sky.

Let’s Learn
(आओ याद करें):

(A) Use correct Preposition from the options given:
(विकल्पों में से सही पूर्व सर्ग का प्रयोग करें:)

  1. The King invited the artist to the court.
  2. He was well known for his genius.
  3. Divide these sweets among all the students.
  4. I have been reading this novel since 3 O’clock.
  5. The teacher is pleased with his students.
  6. The bell rang and all the students ran to their classrooms.
  7. We travelled by bus.
  8. The doctor is sitting in his clinic.

(B) Combine the following pairs of sentences using ‘and’ / but’.
(“and/but” का प्रयोग करके वाक्यों के निन्म लिखित जोड़ों का मिलाएँ।)

  1. Give me a glass of milk and a loaf of bread.
  2. She is a good player but not a good reader.
  3. The doctors did their best but the patient died.
  4. Aryan came first in science and English.
  5. She delivered a good speech but many of us could not hear her.

(C) Fill in the blanks choosing the words given after adding ‘ly’ to them.
(ly’ जोड़कर दिये शब्दों को छाँट कर रिक्त स्थान भरों:)

  1. He did his work …………
  2. I ……. thought that everyone would solve the puzzle.
  3. The teacher listened to me ……..
  4. They danced ……..


  1. badly
  2. foolishly
  3. patiently
  4. beautifully

Let’s Read
(आओ पढ़ें):

(A) Read the given poem carefully and answer the following questions:
(दी गई कविता को ध्यान से पढ़ें और निम्न प्रश्नों के उत्तर दें:)

(1) What sort of men can make a nation great ?
The men who stand fast and suffer long for truth and honor and the men who work while others sleep can only make a nation great.

(2) Write the rhyming words for:

  1. make
  2. strong
  3. sleep
  4.  fly.


  1. sake
  2. long
  3. deep
  4. sky.

(3) Give a suitable title to the poem.
Suitable Title to the poem is ‘Men and Nation’.

(B) Read the passage carefully and answer the following questions:
(निम्नलिखित गद्यांश को पढ़ें और प्रश्नों के उत्तर दें:)

Question 1.
What incidents can take place with passengers ?
The incidents like theft of luggage or pick pocketing can take place with passengers.

Question 2.
What measures are taken to warn the passengers against such incidents ?
Warnings regarding such incidents are written in bold letters at many places and the officials also announce from time to time to make the passengers cautious and careful.

Question 3.
What may happen if someone receives eatables from strangers ?
If someone receives eatables from strangers he may get into the trap of criminals.

Question 4.
Give a suitable title to the above passage.
Suitable title to the passage is, ‘Travel with care’.

Let’s Write
(आओ लिखो):

1. Imagine you are at a bus station. Describe the scene.

Visit to A Bus Stand:

I happened to visit a bus stand as I had to receive my mother who was coming back from Mathura. The bus was late, so I had to pass my time at the bus stand. In the mean while, many buses came and many left. People were busy with their respective tasks. Hawkers were selling different eatables like fruits, pakoras etc. There was a great rush. Different buses were standing at their respective places with the conductors shouting about the destinations. The bus from Mathura came and I received my mother and came back home.

2. Write a letter to your friend mentioning your hobbies.

10, Raghava Pura,
Ram Nagar,
10th Feb., 20 ……..

Dear Neetu,
I am well here and hope the same for you. I want to share my hobbies with you as vacations are near. I am very fond of collecting stamps, visiting different places and listening to music. I am fond of travelling. I have visited many places like Gwalior, Agra, Mathura etc. I plan to visit Rajasthan in these vacations. More on meeting. Lots of regards to elders and love to younger.

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