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MP Board Class 6th Special English Solutions Chapter 9 The Naughty Boy

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The Naughty Boy Text Book Exercise

Word Power

1. Match the words in column A with the clues given in column B.
The Naughty Boy Poem 6th Class MP Board
(i) → (f)
(ii) → (g)
(iii) → (j)
(iv) → (h)
(v) → (i)
(vi) → (b)
(vii) → (e)
(viii) → (c)
(ix) → (d)
(x) → (a)


Answer the following questions.

The Naughty Boy Poem 6th Class MP Board Question 1.
What did the naughty boy do?
The naughty boy ran away from England to Scotland.

The Naughty Boy Question Answer MP Board  Question 2.
Why did he go to Scotland?
He went to Scotland to find a world something different and more wonderful than the world he found in England.

Question 3.
What did he learn in Scotland?
He learnt the things are exactly similar everywhere.

Question 4.
Why did he wonder at this?
He wondered because he could not understand the reasons of this similarity of the world everywhere.

Let’s Talk

1. Work in group. Talk with your friends and fill in the blanks in the phrases given below.
Find out more such comparison.
as hard as – stone

  1. as soft as ……………
  2. as busy as ………….
  3. as green as …………..
  4. as white as …………..
  5. as merry as ……………
  6. as hot as …………..
  7. as black as …………….
  8. as cold as …………….

(Hints, snow, a cricket, grass, fire, crow, ice, stone, bee, butter)

  1. butter
  2. bee
  3. grass
  4. snow
  5. a cricket
  6. fire
  7. crow
  8. ice.

Let’s Write

Write an essay on the town or village you live in. Use the following hints.
1. Its location
2. Surroundings
3. Places worth seeing
4. How to reach
5. Opportunities of education
My City : Gwalior
Gwalior is in the northern most part of Madhya Pradesh. The city is dominated by its hill top fort. Gujri Mahal has a museum of sculpture. A great musical festival is held at Gwalior every year where Tansen is lying buried. The routes to Gwalior pass through forests and fertile land. Orchha and Shivpuri are the two loveliest places worth visiting. They are about 120 km from Gwalior. Sakhia Sagar and Madhav Sagar are the two lakes at Shivpuri. Madhav National Park surrounds these. A variety of deer, chinkara, gazelle, sambhar, antelope, wild dogs, blue bull, sloth bear live in it. It is a good centre of education. There are a number of schools are colleges in Gwalior.

The Naughty Boy Word Meanings

Naughty – mischievous, शराश्ती। Ground – land, भूमि। Merry – glad, प्रसन्न। Weighty – heavy, वजनी। Wondered – got amazed, चकित हुआ। Fourscore – eighty in number, अस्सी।

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