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MP Board Class 12th English The Spectrum Workbook Solutions Chapter 4 Wonderful World

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Word Power

A. Can you find out other pairs of rhyming words from the poem which add to the melody of the poem. Also read them aloud.

  • me – tree, mills – hills
  • go – flow, isles – miles
  • small – all, today – to say, dot – cannot.

B. Fill in the blanks from your memory.

  1. Great, wide, beautiful, wonderful world
  2. With the wonderful water-round you furled.
  3. And the wonderful grass upon your breast
  4. World you are beautifully drest.


A. Choose the correct option.

Question 1.
Which of the following words does not rhyme with ‘flow’:
(i) snow
(ii) go
(iii) now
(iv) no.
(iii) now

Question 2.
Read the poem carefully and find out how many rhyming word-pairs are there :
Tick out (✓) the correct one :
(i) Eight
(ii) Nine
(iii) Eighteen
(iv) Sixteen.
(ii) Nine

Question 3.
In the first stanza the poet describes the World’s
(i) beauty
(ii) greatness
(iii) values
(iv) vastness.
(iv) vastness.

Question 4.
How does the poet address the Earth in the third stanza ?
(i) beautiful
(ii) wonderful
(iii) friendly
(iv) great.
(iii) friendly

Question 5.
The poet finds himself very small when he compares himself to the Earth.
(i) big
(ii) great
(iii) vast
(iv) huge.
(ii) great

B. Fill in the blanks using the correct words from those given below :

natural, a human being, oceans, amazed, greenery.
(i) This beautiful world is covered with ….. and …………
(ii) This human civilization has made its mark on the ……….. landscape.
(iii) ……….. is the best creature on the earth.
(iv) We remain . when we think of the beauties of the wonderful world.
(i) oceans, greenery
(ii) natural
(iii) A human being
(iv) amazed.

Speaking Time

Put the stress mark before the appropriate syllable.

I want to buy a ‘pen We went to the ‘market ‘When are you ‘returning
He practiced ‘every day. I saw him on ‘Monday ‘What have you ‘forgotten
I’m going ‘back to ‘work He injured his shoulder ‘Do it in the ‘morning
The ‘students went ‘away The ‘patient ‘recovered ‘Ram  has been’forgiven

Reading Time

Read the following poem carefully:

Beauty is seen
In the Sunlight
The trees, the birds,
Corn growing and people working
or dancing for their ha nest
Beauty is heard
In the night
Wind sighing, rain falling
Or a singer chanting
Anything is earnest
Beauty is in yourself
Good deeds, happy thoughts
That repeat themselves
In your dreams,
In your work,
And even in your rest ……..E- Ye h-Shu re

Now answer the questions given bellow:

Question 1.
Pick the odd ones out:
(i) harvest, crop, yield, plough – plough
(ii) singing, chanting, chatting, humming. – chatting
(iii) opinion, view, thought, notion. – thought
(iv) earnest. honest, serious, solemn – serious
(v) dream, vision, nightmare, sensation – sensation

Question 2.
Note down the rhyming words of the poem.
Sunlight, night falling, chanting, harvest, rest.

Question 3.
What do people do for their harvest? (209)
They dance for their harvest.

Question 4.
What are the things that appear attractive when there Is sunlight? (2009)
The trees, the birds, corn growing and people working or dancing for their harvest

Question 5.
In the darkness of night how do you experience beauty?
We hear beauty in (he darkness of the night. We hear wind sighing, rain falling or a singer chanting.

Question 6.
What accounts for beauty In yourself’ (2009, 13)
Good deeds, happy thoughts account for beauty in ourselves.

Question 7.
Write down the central idea of the poem In about 80 words.
It is said that ‘A thing of beauty is a joy for ever.’ Here in this poem the poet says that beauty is not only seen but also heard in nature. This beauty is everlasting. The sunlight, the birds, the growing corn and the people dancing are a lovely scene of beauty. Beauty can be also heard in the night. The sighing of wind, the falling of the rain and chanting of a singer are also beautiful. Beauty is in man himself too. They are his good deeds and happy thoughts.

Question 8.
Summarize the poem ‘Beauty’ (2010)
Beauty is the poem of Nature. When beauty is in sunlight, it appears attractive.When it is in night, it appears cool and calm. When it appears in ourselves, t is seen in our thoughts and deeds.

Writing Time

Question 1.
You are the head boy/girl of your school, Draft a notice in not more than 50 words for house captains and vice captains to attend a meeting presided over by the principal to prepare a plan for the annual function.

Indian Public School, Indore


House Captains and Vice Captains of the school are hereby informed that a meeting is arranged to prepare a plan for annual function of the school. All the House Captains and Vice Captains are required to attend the meeting. The Principal of the school will preside over the meeting.

Date—26. 11.20…
Time—2 p. m. to 4 p. m.
Venue—The Assembly Hall.


Sumitra Jam
Head Girl.

Question 2.
Your books were lost when you were out in the games period. Draft a notice including details of the lost article.

Govt. H. S. School No. 1, Mandsaur

Lost : A bag containing books on 17th Aug., 20… at about 4.30 p. m. somewhere near the play ground. The bag is green, normal size with Pushpak Tiwari written on it.
Contact—Pushpak Tiwari, Class X B or deposit with the librarian.

Question 3.
You are the cultural secretary of your school. Draft a notice giving information about the selection of two participants from your school to take part in the inter-school debate competition.

Govt. Technical School, Dhar

The students of class XI and XII are informed that the selection of two participants from the school to take part in the inter-school debate is to be done. The debate will be organised on 26th Jan., 20… at School of Excellence, Dhar. Students willing to take part in the debate are required to contact me on or before 20th Jan., 20… after school.
Subject of debate—Should students take part in politics.

By order of the Principal
Vinay Bhonsle
(Cultural Secretary)

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