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MP Board Class 11th General English Note Making and Summary Writing Examples

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Reading Comprehension के इस भाग में एक Unseen Passage देकर आपको उस पर Notes बनाने को कहा जायेगा। अर्थात् उसके महत्वपूर्ण Points निकालने हैं जिसकी सहायता से Passage की Summary या Precis बनाई जा सकें। इसके अतिरिक्त Vocabulary पर प्रश्न होंगे।

Division of Marks
Note Making – 7 marks
Vocabulary – 3 marks

First, let us know about Note making.

Note Making

Notes are a short-written record of facts to aid the memory. Notes are generally taken to record a speech or dictation while listening to it or after reading a book, magazine or article. They are referred back whenever needed and may be reproduced in the desired way.

टिप्पण, स्मृति की सहायता के लिए संक्षिप्त रेकार्ड लेखन है। किसी भाषण, उद्बोधन को सुनते वक्त या किसी पुस्तक, निबन्ध या किसी पत्रिका के पढ़ते वक्त टिप्पण लिखे जाते हैं। इनकी सहायता से हम पूर्वानुभव को वापस प्राप्त कर सकते हैं।

The Necessity Of Note Making

Knowledge is vast, but our memory is limited. We cannot remember all the information all the time. So note-making is essential. With its help, we can recall the complete information read/heard months ago. Note making is very useful to students preparing so many subjects. At the time of examination, it is not possible to go through voluminous books. At such critical times, notes are quite handy. So note-making fulfills three useful functions-

  1. Keeps a lot of information in short.
  2. Helps us reconstruct what was said or written.
  3. Comes in handy in any expression.

Characteristics :

  1. Short and compact.
  2. Complete information.
  3. Must be in a logical way.
  4. Understandable.

The Art Of Taking Notes
[टिप्पण लेने की कला]

Taking and preparing NOTES is very essential, useful and helpful in learning any subject. While studying you must have a note-book or a diary in which you may make notes. These notes prove very useful and make you sharp and impressive in future.
शिक्षा ग्रहण करने में टिप्पण लेना व लिखना बहुत ही अर्थपूर्ण व उपयोगी है।

Utility and Importance

1. Focus of attention-When we read an article or a lesson, our mind and attention slips away and we lose the grip and interest in reading, Taking notes keeps your mind and attention fixed and busy. They do not loiter here and there. You achieve concentration which is very essential in learning,
यह हमारे ध्यान को एकान रखता है।

2. Improvement of Memory-Taking notes helps you in memorizing facts and figures, quotations, main points etc. which makes it easy to keep the whole article in mind. Writing makes an exact man.
यह हमारी स्मृति को तेज रखता है।

3. Help in Writing Summary or Precis-By rearranging the ideas from notes, you may prepare agist or precis of the article.
सारांश लिखने में सहायता मिलती है।

4. Useful Quotations-The notes help us in quoting important things to support our speech or expressions.
उद्धरण हमारे कथन या लेख को पुष्ट करते हैं।

5. Dictionary Consultation Habit-While taking notes you must consult the dictionary. This habit will increase your vocabulary and knowledge.
शब्दकोश देखने की उपयोगी आदत हमारे ज्ञान को विस्तृत करती है।

6. Art of Editing-We learn the art of editing which proves to be very useful in future.
सम्पादन कला सीखने को मिलती है।

7. Books or Magazine Neat and Clean-Our book or magazine remains clean of markings or underlining.
पुस्तकें साफ व स्वच्छ रहती हैं।

8. Helpful in Examination-While solving the question paper answers spring up in our mind.
परीक्षा में उत्तर हमें याद आ जाते हैं।

9. Help in Composition-This habit helps us in composing an original article.
मौलिक रचना करने में सहायता मिलती है।

10. Improves Handwriting-Our handwriting improves because of practice.
हस्तलेखन सुन्दर होता है।

How to take Notes?
Essential Material

  1. The Book or Magazine.
  2. A Nice Pen.
  3. A Note Book or a Diary.
  4. A Dictionary.
  5. Other Reference Books.

The Method

1. Write main points in a notebook or a diary.
मुख्य बिन्दु नोटबुक में या डायरी में लिखें।

2. Write meaningful sentences and figures.
तथ्यपरक वाक्य व अंक लिखें।

3. Write appealing and important sentences occurring in the article. You may modify them so as to make them applicable without previous reference.
महत्त्वपूर्ण व दिल को छूने वाले वाक्य लिखें।

4. Write the meaning of new and difficult words or phrases with the help of dictionary.
शब्दकोश की सहायता से नये व महत्त्वपूर्ण शब्दों के अर्थ लिखें।

5. Sometimes you may have to write the whole paragraph or stanza of apoem.
कभी-कभी पूरा अनुच्छेद या कविता का पद लिखना पड़ सकता है।

6. Take the help of some reference book. Write the referred material with page no. etc.
किसी सन्दर्भ पुस्तक से सहायता लें।

7. Write beautiful and impressive quotations.
सुन्दर प्रभावोत्पादक उद्धरण लिख लें।

Section : A-2

हम यहाँ सरल से कठिन व संक्षिप्त से विस्तृत Passages अध्यापन हेतु दे रहे हैं।

Solved Exercises

MP Board Class 11th General English Note Making and Summary 1

A tree is a woody plant usually with a single stem. A large area well covered with woody plants is a forest. The woody plants called shrubs and bushes are smaller than trees and have usually more than one main stem. Trees are the largest living things on the earth, and they live longer than any animal. The tallest trees are the ‘mountain ashes’ which have grown to well over 300 feet. The oldest trees are the ‘Californian pines’, some of which are more than 4,500 years old. The age of a tree can be told by counting the rings in its trunk. In most kinds of temperate trees (those which grow in neither very hot nor very cold climates), new wood is formed every year in a layer outside the wood of the previous year. The layers of wood, as seen on the cut end of a felled tree, are circular and are called annual rings. Each ring in the trunk of the wood represents one year of the tree’s life. In a year a good rainfall, the ring formed is wider than one formed in the drier year. A record of rainfall can thus be read in tree rings.

Trees are important to our world for a number of reasons. Like all green plants, they build up their food by the process known as photosynthesis. The by-product of this process is oxygen which human beings and other animals take from the atmosphere as they breath. That is why the great forest have been called the ‘Lungs of the world’. They make much of the oxygen we need to live.

[Word Meanings : Stem – वृक्ष का तना। Layer = परत। Photosynthesis -प्रकाश-संश्लेषण]

Questions :
A. Make notes and give a suitable title to the above passage.
B. Do as directed :
Find words from the passage which have the similar meaning as given below:
(a) A large plant with several stems
(b) The process by which green plants make food
(c) The regular pattern of weather condition
A Title-Importance of Trees.


  1. Tree, a woody plant has a single stem.
  2. A large area well covered with woody plants is a forest.
  3. Trees are largest and longest living, live longer than any animal. The oldest trees are 4,500 years old.
  4. The age of a tree can be determined by no. of rings in its trunk.
  5. Trees are important :
    (a) They gave us oxygen.
    (b) Called the ‘lungs of the world’.

(a) Shrubs and bushes.
(b) Photosynthesis.
(c) Temperate. [2016]

MP Board Class 11th General English Note Making and Summary 2

Tourism has emerged as the world’s largest industry. Growing rapidly in the last two decades, today it accounts for 6% of the world output and employs some 100 million people around the globe.

Tourism-the travel-based recreation-provides people with a change of place and a break from the monotony of daily life. It brings people of different nations together, allowing them to come into close contact with each other’s customs and other aspects of life. It reveals the scenic beauty and past herit¬age of a country. It can lead to greater understanding and tolerance and foster world peace.

The contribution of tourism can be nowhere seen more clearly than on the economic front. A study conducted by the United Nations has shown that developing countries, in particular, can reap handsome benefits out of tourism which greatly boosts national income.

Tourism generates employment and adds to the wealth of a nation.

A. (a) On the basis of reading of the above passage make notes on it using recognizable abbreviations.
(b) Supply title to it.
B. (a) Find the word from the above passage which means ‘dullness due to lacking change’.
(b) Write the word opposite meaning to ‘advantage’ using a prefix.
(c) Give the adjective form of custom’.
Answers :
A. (a) Notes-
1. Tourism emerged as world’s largest industry.
2. (i) accounts for 6% of world output.
(ii) employs 100 millions people.

3. Tourism-the travel based recreation.

  1. change of place and a break from the monotony.
  2. brings people of different nations together.
  3. reveals the scenic beauty and past heritage.
  4. can lead to greater understanding, tolerance, foster world peace.
  5. boosts national income.
  6. generates employment.

(b) Title-Tourism: An Emerging Largest Industry.
(a) monotony,
(b) disadvantage,
(c) customary. [2009, 14]

MP Board Class 11th General English Note Making and Summary 3

Speeches are of two kinds, informal or conversational and formal or public. They are arts and perfection can be achieved by constant practice. Both are important in life and help to make a person achieve great things. While writing has its own place in society and writers have earned name and fame if their works are landmarks in their respective fields. Speech has an equally important place in society.

A good conversationalist can impress the people he comes in contact with. He can bring home his point of view in day to day life and create an impact on the people he converses with. A sweet tongue, clear pronunciation, proper arrangement of ideas, good or proper control oyer the language go to make a person attractive and impressive. For interesting conversations, it is desirable to go slow and steady. It is never good to appear important while conversing. Before you speak out your ideas, you must listen to the other side. To keep to the point and to use the minimum words for expressing maximum ideas is an art which carl be attained by gradual practice.

[Word Meanings : Formal = following a particular pattern औपचारिक Achieve = attain प्राप्त करनाI Conversationalist = talker वार्ताकार impact = influence प्रभाव।]

Questions :
A. Read the passage carefully, make notes on it and suggest a title.
B. Do as directed :
(a) Give a word from the passage that means ‘regular’.
(b) Give noun form of ‘pronounce’.
(c) Give adjective form of ‘attract’.
Answers ;
A. Title-The Art of Speaking Notes-
1. Two kinds of speeches
(a) Informal or Conversational
(b) Formal or Public.
2. These arts require practice. .
3. Writing and speaking both are equally important.
4. Qualities of a good Conversationalist
(a) Impact on people.
(b) (i) Sweet tongue.
(ii) Clear pronunciation.
(iii) Proper arrangement of ideas.
(iv) Control over the language.
5. For interesting conversation
(i) Go slow.
(ii) don’t feel important.
(iii) listen to the other side.
B. (a) constant,
(b) pronunciation,
(c) attractive.

MP Board Class 11th General English Note Making and Summary 4

A business letter is one that gets results. The best way to get results is to develop a letter that in appearance, style and content conveys information efficiently. To perform this function, a business letter must be concise, clear and courteous.

The business letter must be concise. Don’t waste words, little introduction or preliminary chat is necessary. Get to the point, state the point directly and leave it. It is safe to assume that your letter is being read by a very busy person with all kinds of papers to deal with.

The business letter must be clear. You should have a very firm idea of what you want to say and you should let the reader know it. Use the structure » of the letter, the paragraphs, topic sentences, introduction, conclusion-to guide your reader point by point from your thesis, through your reasoning to your conclusion.

[Word Meanings : Concise = short संक्षिप्त।Courteous = polite नम्र I Assume = take as true before there is proof सच मान लेना I Thesis = written after great thinking सोच-विचार कर लिखा कथन।]

Questions :
A. Read the passage carefully, make notes and supply a title.
B. Do as directed :
(a) Sarcasm. (Give adjective form)
(b) Courteous. (Give noun form)
(c) Belief or opinion that is the result of reasoning. (Give a word that has this meaning.)
Answers :
A Title-The Art of Writing a Business Letter Notes-
1. Features of a good business letter
(a) conveys information efficiently to get results.
(b) is concise.
(c) is clear.
(d) is courteous.

2. How to write a concise letter
(a) Introduction must be brief.
(b) Get to the point.
(c) Understand that the reader has a little time to read it.

3. Business letter must be clear.
(a) Have a firm idea of what you say.
(b) Use the proper structure of the letter.

4. Business letter must be courteous.
(a) No Sarcasm or insults.
(b) Point out your ideas politely.
(c) There should be no errors or omissions.
(a) sarcastic, (b) courtesy, (c) conclusion. [2010]

MP Board Class 11th General English Note Making and Summary 5

People look upon poverty as a great evil and it seems to be an accepted belief that if people only had plenty of money, they would be happy and useful and get more out of life. As a rule, there is more genuine satisfaction in and more obtained from life in the humble cottages of the poor men than in the palaces of the rich. I always pity the sons and daughters of the rich men, who are attended by servants and have governesses at a late age at the same time. I am glad to think that they do not know what they have missed.

It is because, I know how sweet and happy and pure the home of the honest poverty is, how free from perplexing care and from social envies and jealousies, how loving and united its members are in the common interest of supporting the family that I sympathize with the rich man’s boy and congratulate the poor man’s son. If you read the list of the immortals who are not born to die, you will find that most of them have been poor.

[Word Meanings : Evil = पाप Perplexing = confusing उलझन भर Immortal = living for ever अमर]

Questions :
A. Read the passage carefully, make notes on it and give a suitable title.
B. Do as directed :
(a) Give the opposite word of ‘happy’.
(b) Give the adverb form of ‘humble’.
(c) Give the word from the passage that gives the meaning “The state of being very poor.”
Answers :
A. Title-Poverty Vs Richness.

1. Public opinion :
Poverty a curse.

  • 1.1. Plenty of money : guarantee for happiness & success.

2. Reality: Different

  • 2.1. More happiness in cottages.
  • 2.2. Children of the rich miss a lot of important things.
  • 2.3. More genuine satisfaction and more obtaining in life in cottages.

3. Home of honest poverty

  • 3.1. Contains sweetness, happiness and purity.
  • 3.2. Free from care, envy and jealousy.
  • 3.3. Love, unity and support is abundant.

(B) (a) unhappy, (b) humbly, (c) poverty.

MP Board Class 11th General English Note Making and Summary 6

A headache is usually caused due to spinal misalignment to the head, due to poor posture. Sleeping on the stomach with the head turned to one side and bending over positions for a long time make it worse.

In migraine headaches, the pain is usually on one side of the head. It is with nausea, vomiting, irritability and bright spots or flashes of light. This .headache is made worse by activity, especially bending. The pain in the head gets worse by noise and light. Chocolate, caffeine, smoking, etc., cause it. The pain may last from eight to twenty-four hours and there may be a hangover for two-three days.

Migraines have before them changes in sight and sensation. There is usually a family history of migraine.

In a headache, the pain starts not from the nerves of muscles, blood vessels and bones. These send pain signals to the brain which then judges the degree of distress and sends it to appropriate sites. The pain may sometimes be referred to sites other than the problem areas. This is known as referred pain and occurs due to sensation overload. Thus though most headaches start at the base of the skull, the referred pain is felt typically behind the eyes.

[Word Meanings: Spinal = of the spine रीढ़ की हड्रडी सम्बन्धी I Misalignment = disconnection असम्बद्ध। Posture = mode तरीकाI Nausea = sickness जी मिचलाना। Irritability = irritation चिड़चिड़ापन। Hangover = after effect बाद का प्रभाव। Distress = pain दर्द]

Questions ;
A. Read the passage carefully, suggest a title to it and make notes on it.
B. Do as directed :
(a) Give adjective form of ‘continue’.
(b) Find out a word from the passage that means-‘suited to’, ‘in keeping with’.
(c) Give noun form of irritable’.
Answers :
A. Title-Headache
(a) Causes and duration

  • Causes-spinal misalignment due to poor posture.
  • Duration-usually short, can last for some days.

(b) Migraine Headache

  • Symptoms-pain on head-one side, nausea, irritabilty, bright spots.
  • Causes-Certain foods, smoking, genetic.
  • Duration-8-24 hrs. hangover possible.

(c) Pain in brain

  • signals of stress received
  • pain at other places also.
  • called referred pain.

B. (a) continuous, (b) appropriate, (c) irritability.

MP Board Class 11th General English Note Making and Summary 7

The work of heart can never be interrupted. The heart’s job is to keep oxygen-rich blood flowing through the body. All the body’s cells need a constant supply of oxygen especially those in the brain. The brain cells live only four to five minutes after their oxygen is cut off and death comes to the entire body.

The heart is a specialized muscle that serves as a pump. This pump is divided into four chambers connected by tiny doors called valves. The chambers work to keep the blood- flowing through the body in a circle.

At the end of each circuit, veins carry the blood to the right atrium, the first of the four chambers. Its oxygen has been used up and it is on its way back to the lung to pick up a fresh supply and to give up the carbon dioxide it has accumulated. From the right atrium, the blood flows through the tricuspid valve into the second chamber, the right ventricle. The right ventricle contracts when it is filled, pushing the blood through the pulmonary artery, which leads to the. lungs. In the lungs the blood gives up its carbon- dioxide and picks up fresh oxygen. Then it travels to the third chamber, the left atrium. When this chamber is filled it forces the blood through a valve to the left ventricle. From here it is pushed into a big blood vessel called aorta and sent round the body by way of arteries.

[Word Meanings : Interrupted disturbed विधन डालना Constant = regular लगातार। Muscle = tissue मांसपेशी। Chambers = room-like structures कक्ष। Circuit = circle चक्कर  Atrium = entrance प्रांगण। Ventricle = निलय, खोह। Contracts = shrinks सिकुड़ती है Pulmonary = relating to heart दिल सम्बन्धी]

Questions ;
A. Read the passage carefully, supply a title and make notes on it.
B. Do as directed :
(a) Give a word from the passage that means ‘put obstacle and check.’
(b) Give the noun form of ‘divide’.
(c) Give the meaning of ‘chamber’.
Title-Heart and Its Working Notes-
(1) Uninterrupted work of Heart.

(a) Supply of Oxygen-rich blood.
(b) Keep the brain cells alive.

Heart-a special muscle-Serves as a pump.
Parts of heart-
(a) Right Atrium.
(b) Right Ventricle.
(c) Left Atrium.
(d) Left Ventricle.

Working of heart.
Veins carry impure blood → Right Atrium → Right Ventricle → Lungs » Left Atrium → Left Ventricle → Aorta → Body.

(a) interrupt, (b) division, (c) room. [2011]

MP Board Class 11th General English Note Making and Summary 8

Man’s journey of life from childhood to old age is very charming and colourful. Youth is the most exciting period of man’s life, when it is time to grow and dream. A young man is fiill of hope, energy and zeal. Nothing is difficult or impossible or dangerous for him. The old people say that youth is not daring but thoughtless. A young man bums the candle at both ends. He commits mistakes and learns only after burning the fingers. Sometimes the young men misuse their freedom and thus invite difficulties and hardships.

They are full of strength, energy and enthusiasm. They become rebels and are no longer afraid of facing the forces of realities. A young man accepts the challenge of evil difficulties. To win or lose the game of life is the mission of his career. He loves to lead an adventurous life and has a keen desire to build up a new world of his dream.

But the period of youth does not last long. Soon it is followed by old age, when he regrets his past mistakes and failures. The weak old man feels helpless, depressed and disappointed. He becomes unfit for any adventure. But some fortunate old people never grow old and continue to feel young and active and make the most even in the last years of their lives. It will not be wrong to say that youth brings honour and old age commands respect.

Questions :
A. Read the passage carefully, make notes on it and supply a suitable title.
B. Do as directed :
(a) Give a word from the passage that means ‘courage’.
(b) Give the noun form of the word ‘disappointed’
(c) Give the adjective form of ‘energy’.
Answers :
A. Title-Man’s Journey of life.


  1. Man’s Journey of life-Charming and colorful
  2. Youth- The most exciting period :
    • full of hope, energy and zeal.
    • daring and thoughtless.
    • sometimes misuse their freedom.
    • result-difficulties and hardships.
    • full of strength, energy and enthusiasm.
    • love to lead an adventurous life.
  3. Old age :
    • regrets past mistakes and failures.
    • weak old man : helpless, depressed and disappointed.
    • some lucky old men make the most even in the last years of their lives.
  4. Youth brings honor and old age commands respect.

B. (a) dare (b) disappointment (c) energetic.

MP Board Class 11th General English Note Making and Summary 9

Books are, by far the most lasting products of human effort. Temples fall into ruin, pictures and statues decay, but books survive. Time does not destroy the great thoughts which are as fresh today as when they first passed through their author’s minds ages ago. What was then thought and said stili speaks to us as vividly as ever from the printed pages. The only effect of time has been to throw out of currency the bad products, for nothing in literature can long survive but what is really good. Books introduce us into the best society, they bring us into the presence of the greatest minds that have ever lived. We hear what they said and did, we see them as if they were really alive, we sympathize with them, enjoy with them and grieve with them. In a way we move in their company and their experiences become ours. Without books no fresh ideas are possible and without fresh ideas no cultured society is possible. No wonder that the world keeps its books with great care.

[Word Meanings : Lasting = लम्बे समय तक चलने वाल Products yield = उत्पादन। Ruin = downfall नष्ट हो जाना। Decay = decline क्षय, सड़ना। Survive = to remain alive जीवित रहना। Vividly = striking bright चमकने के साथ]

Questions :
A. Read the passage carefully, make notes on it and supply a suitable title.
B. Do as directed :
(a) Write the verb form of the word ‘product’.
(b) Give the opposite word of ‘ruin’.
(c) Find out the word from the passage that gives the meaning ‘attempt’.
Answers :
Title-Importance of Books.


  1. Other things are destroyed; Books remain immortal.
  2. They are ever fresh and evergreen; Bad books go out of currency.
  3. Books take us to the best society.
  4. We move in the company of greatest minds.
  5. Fresh ideas are possible only by books; Fresh ideas are necessary for cultured society.
    (a) produce, (b) survive, (c) effort. [2013]

MP Board Class 11th General English Note Making and Summary 10

The invention of computers has been one of the greatest advancements in modem technology. Computers are used not only in industries but also in universities. Computers have been used in the service of man in all spheres. Computers are capable of doing extremely complicated work in all branches of learning. They can solve the most complicated mathematical problems or put thousands of unrelated facts in order. These machines can be put to various uses. For instance, they can provide information in the best way to prevent traffic accidents or they can count the number of times a word has been used in the Bible. The computer’s work for us has been called ‘automation’ may enable human beings for more leisure than they have today.

Questions :
A Make notes and give a title to the passage.
B. Do as directed :
(a) Give the opposite of ‘related’.
(b) Give the noun form of ‘prevent’.
(c) Write comparative of greatest.
Answers :
A. 1. Title-Computers : Modem Miracle.
2. Notes-

  1. Computers : One of the greatest advancements in modern technology.
  2. Used-
    • in industries
    • in universities
    • in the service of man in all spheres.

3. Advantages :

  • Can do complicated work
  • Solve complicated mathematical problems
  • Various uses
  • Prevent traffic accidents
  • Bring more leisure to man.

B. (a) unrelated, (b) prevention, (c) greater.

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