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MP Board Class 11th General English Letter Writing Informal Letters

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Personal Letters

Example 1.
You are Sanjay Singh living at Sundarpuram, Mauganj, Rewa (M. P.). Write a letter to your father asking him to send Rs. 1,000 by Money Order for purchasing new books and informing him about your school. (2008) Your letter should look somewhat like this :

Nehru Hostel,
Mauganj, Rewa (M. P.)
10 August, 20

Respected father,
High regards. I am well and O. K. here and hope the same for you and other members of the family.

I have settled here well. The hostel is very good and very well facilitated. My room-mates are very nice and cooperative. They have become my clo’se friends. I like the school and its atmosphere, my studies are going very well here.

Father, 1 need Rs. 1000/- for purchasing new books, so kindly send me the money as early as possible so that 1 can proceed with my studies. Give my Pranam to mother and love to all.

Your obedient son
Sanjay Singh

Example 2.
Suppose you are Abhishek Sharma, residing at Juna Shar, Indore. Write a letter to your younger brother, who is going to appear for an examination. Give some tips for his success. [2009]
Your letter should look somewhat like this :
19, Juna Shar,
Indore (M, P.)
17 March, 20

Dear Bholu,
I hope you are doing well there. In the next month your examination is going to start. I would like to give you some tips for success in the examination.

  1. First of all you must have confidence that you will surely get success. The engine doesn’t run if the water is simply warm. It will run at 100°C. So you must be bent to get success.
  2. Revise your whole course thoroughly. Prepare your own notes. These are helpful to you in remembering the important points, facts and figures.
  3. Your writing speed must be fairly good. A man who possesses knowledge but can’t express it, is surely to lag behind.
  4. Don’t worry much. “Do your best and leave the rest” is the golden principle.

I hope you will keep in mind these tips and do well in the examination. Wishing you best of luck.

Your loving brother
Abhishek Sharma

Example 3.
You are Sanju from 60, National Colony, Rampur, MPEB Road, Jabalpur. Write a letter to your cousin, Sanchita Kulkarni of Indore informing her of your new address. Also make inquiries about your cousin Dhiru’s preparations for his exams.

Your letter should look somewhat like this :
60, National Colony Rampur, MPEB Road
Jabalpur-482 008
25 November, 20

Dear Sanchita,
how are you now ? It was very disappointing to find you sick on my visit to Indore this time. Hope, you’re fully recovered from that nasty problem by how.

We moved to a new house last Sunday. Note down our new address carefully. Don’t tell me later, you lazy girl, that you couldn’t write to us because you didn’t have our new address O. K.

How is Dhiru doing ? He must be busy with his books and notes. Well, he has to be. His exams are drawing near. He is a hard working chap, isn’t he ? But still, he has to remain extremely careful this time.

Give my Pranam to respected Uncle and Auntie and love to Dhiru. Don’t forget to write back soon, especially about your health. Right and do take care of yourself.

Lots of love !

Ever yours
Sanju Dada

Example 4.
You are Anil, residing at A/20, M. L. B. Road, Satna, Write a letter to your friend Amit, who lives in Indore, inviting him to attend your brother’s sister’s marriage. [2008, 09, 14, 15]

Your letter should look somewhat like this :
A/20, M. L. B. Road,
Satna (M. P.)
10 November, 20
My dear Amit,

I hope this letter finds you hale and hearty.

Special is that my elder brother’s marriage has been fixed on 23rd Nov. 20…. The Barat will go to Sidhi on 22nd Nov.

I invite you to attend my brother’s marriage. We have not met for a long ‘ time so take this opportunity for our meeting. Come here a week before so that we may enjoy each other’s company. The invitation card will be sent soon.
Please do come. Rest is OK.

Yours sincerely

Example 5.
You are Anurag Joshi from E-7/69 Sipri Bazar, Jhansi. Your former teacher, Dr. Samiullah Khan, Department of Physics, Narmada P.G. College, Hoshangabad, has thanked you for helping his son Rashid in getting hostel accommodation. Write back to him that Rashid is staying with you comfortably and would move to his hostel in a week’s time.
Your letter should look somewhat like this :
E-7/69 Sipri Bazar Jhansi (U.P.)
3D November, 20

Esteemed Sir,
I would first beg your forgiveness ‘”or not writing to you for such a long time. In fact, some personal problems in the new job situation kept me too occupied, and 1 just could not write. But, I hope, Rashid has already written to you.

You don’t have to worry about Rashid now. He will get a room in the Institute’s Hostel in a week’s time. Till then he is comfortable staying with us. And, please Sir, do not embarrass me by giving thanks, as you did in your last letter. You have given me all the knowledge, wisdom (whatever little 1 might have) and skill. But for your kind help and guidance, I would not have been able to achieve anything.

Kindly give my regards to Dr. Mishra and Dr. Chishty in the department. I hope, they remember me.

With humble regards.

Yours gratefully
Anurag Joshi.

Example 6.
You are Maria Zen, residing at 26, M.G. Road, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh. Write a letter to your friend, Rashmi, congratulating her on her brilliant success in the High School Certificate Examination. Your letter should look somewhat like this :
26, M.G. Road,
24 May, 20

Dear Rashmi,
Heartly Congratulations.

You have got a brilliant success in the High School Examination declared today. I saw the result on our computer on Internet. Really you have done very well especially in Physics and Mathematics getting 90% marks. I am proud of you.

Visit us as soon as possible. Give my regards to your Mummy and Papa. Rest is OK.

Your loving friend
Maria Zen

Example 7.
Write a letter to your friend Chaitanya Chahdrakar telling him what you intend to do after your examination.
Your letter should look somewhat like this :
121 -C, Wright Town Jabalpur (M.P.)
21 June, 20

Dear Chaitanya,
I received your letter yesterday. You have asked me my plan after examination.

Now my examinations are over. 1 intend to refresh myself for a week by sight-seeing. And then I will begin my study for XII class so that I may have a good start. It is also said that well begun is half done. I have already arranged books and guides of Class XII.

If you like you may come here. We may study together. Waiting for your reply.

Yours sincerely

Example 8.
Suppose you are Amit Sharma, residingat26, Mahakaleshwar Road, Ujjain. Write a letter to your friend Mohit Verma inviting him to attend your birthday party at Hotel Sea-Rock. [2011]

Your letter should look somewhat like this :
26, Mahakaleshwar Road Ujjain (M.P.)
17 March, 20

Dear Mohit,
I hope this letter finds you in best of your health and spirit. I hope your study might be going on well.

You will be glad to know that my birthday party has been arranged at Hotel Sea-Rock on 20th March. I, with great pleasure, invite you to attend the same. The party is scheduled to start from 8 pm onwards.

Please try to be there before time so that we can have some chit-chat. Papa and Mummy have sent their blessings to you.

Sincerely yours
Amit Sharma.

Example 9.
Write a letter of thanks to your uncle Sanjeev Tiwari, who sent a gift for you on your birthday. [2010, 16]
Your letter should look somewhat like this :
98, Juna Sadan
Bamagar (Ujjain), M.P.
17 August, 20….

Dear Uncle,
I hope you are hale and hearty there. Really I missed you very much bn my birthday party on 15th Aug. Your circumstances were unavoidable, I know.

However, many many thanks for the gift you sent me. The book ‘Art of Living’ you sent is very interesting and will be of immense use to me. Rest is OK. Please convey my love and regards to all your family members.

Yours sincerely
Dharmendra Joshi

Example 10.
You are Sumit Kumar living at Mathpura, Raipur. Write a letter to Mukesh at Gwalior inviting him to spend summer vacations with you.
Write a letter to your friend requesting him to come and spend some days during summer vacation with you. [2008, 15]
21-3 A, Mathpura,
15th May, 20

Dear Mukesh,
I am quite well here and hope the same for you.

Now we are free from examinations. Our summer vacations have already begun. So we should refresh ourselves in these vacations. I invite you to spend the vacations with me in Raipur.

There are several places worth seeing in and near Raipur. We have some historical buildings here. There are some beautiful lakes near Raipur. Now we will have enough time to stand and stare at the natural beauty with ease. Bring your camera so that we may preserve the beautiful scenes in photographs.

Please let me know when you are coming.

Looking forward to your early response.

Yours affectionately,

Example 11.
You are Irfan staying in a hostel in another city. Write a letter to your father describing your study, food quality and classmates. [2014, 16]
Irfan Khan,
Nehru Hostel,
R. No. 30, Near Pankaj Road,
20 Sep. 20

Respected Father,
Pranam. I hope you all are doing well there. 1 am fine, healthy and happy.

My study is going on very well. I am trying to get high success. Our school is very good. Teachers teach us with great care and love.

My classmates are very friendly and co-operative to me. The food we are getting is of very good quality. However, nothing can match home-cooked food. You need not worry a bit. With your and God’s blessings, I make my future brilliant.

Rest is OK.

Your loving son.

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