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MP Board Class 11th General English Grammar Exercises

Gather chapter wise MP Board Solutions for 11th English Study Material to score the highest marks in the final exam. Various chapters and subtopics are given clearly in MP Board Class 11th English Solutions Objective Questions Questions and Answers Material. All the MP Board Solutions for 11th English Questions with detailed answers are provided by subject experts. The step by step MP Board Class 11th English Objective Questions and Answers guide will help you to enhance your skills in General English Grammar Exercises. Here, along with the subject knowledge, General English Grammar Exercises knowledge also plays an important role. So, students should download MP Board Solutions 11th English and read it to attempt all the questions with 100% confidence.

1. Objective Type Questions

Fill in the blanks using correct words given in the brackets:
(i) Can you give me more Information? (some, any, many) [2009]
(ii) He did not buy sugar from the shop, (some, any, many)
(iii) room of this hotel has a cooler. (Each, Every, AH)
(iv) you like moving a bit? (Would, Should, Could)
(v) We obey the rules of the road. (should, ought to, must) [2009]
(vi) If I were rich, I give my money to the poor. (can, would, may) [2015]
(vii) Mohan is M.A. of Vikram University, (a, an, the) [2009]
(viii) I had to face trouble. (much, many, a few)
(ix) My father teaches in University. (a, an the) (2013, 15)
(x) I borrow this book for a day? (Can, Dare, Need)
(xi) It rain today. (can, may, might)
(xii) God bless you ! (Can, Will, May)
(xiii) Sunil the window yesterday, (shut/shuts/shutting) [2010]
(xiv) I played chess while my brothers kite, (fly, flies, flew) [2012]
(xv) it was getting late, I sent for a taxi. (Since, When, Though)
(xvi) Please wait here I come back. (when, till, as)
(xvii) Italy is European country. (a, an, the) [2009]
(xviii) She tried both keys but worked. (either, or, neither)
(xix) When he was young, he cross the river, (can, could, would)
(xx) They were homework by the teacher. (allot, allotting, allotted) [2009]
(xxi) Grammar is by Abhishek. (like, liking, liked) [2009]
(xxiii) She did not make mistake in the essay.(some, any) [2015]
(xxiv) Nidhi answered twenty questions correctly. (all, whole, enough) [2015]
(xxv) She usually Hindi. (speaks, spoke, spoken) [2015]
(xxii) I want a fresh apple. Have you? (any, some, much) [2010]
(xxvi) He is honour to his profession. (a, an, the)
(xxvii) How chairs do we need? (much, some, many)
(xxviii) In the games field we follow the rules, (might should, may)
(xxix) You should not give up studies you get the scholarship. (as soon as, as well as, as long as)
(xxx) Stop and start living happily, (worrying, worry, worried)
(i) some,
(ii) any,
(iii) Each,
(iv) Would,
(v) ought to,
(vi) would,
(vii) an,
(viii) much,
(ix) a,
(x) Can,
(xi) may,
(xii) May,
(xiii) shut,
(xiv) flew,
(xv) Since,
(xvi) till,
(xvii) a,
(xviii) neither,
(xix) could,
(xx) allotted,
(xxi) liked,
(xxii) any,
(xxiii) any,
(xxiv) all,
(xxv) speaks,
(xxvi) an,
(xxvii) many,
(xxviii) should,
(xxix) as long as,
(xxx) worrying.

2. Do As Directed

A. (i) Sunita has prepared tea for us. (Change into Present Indefinite Tense)
(ii) They made him captain. (Change the voice)
(iii) He was in the habit of walking in the morning. (Rewrite using ‘used to’)
(iv) I did it. (Change into negative) [2010, 15]
(v) I get up early in the morning so that I may go for a walk. (Change into simple sentence)
(vi) You will come tomorrow. (Add a question tag)
(vii) Mohan is the cleverest boy in the class. (Rewrite using Positive Degree) [2009]
(i) Sunita prepares tea for us.
(ii) He was made captain.
(iii) He used to walk in the morning.
(iv) I did not do it.
(v) I get up early in the morning to go for a walk.
(vi) You will come tomorrow. Won’t you?
(vii) No other boy in the class is as clever as Mohan.

B. (i) They are not eager to learn. (Change into Interrogative)
(ii) He works hard. He may pass the examination. (Combine the sentences using ‘so that’)
(iii) As soon as the rats see the cat they run away. (Rewrite the sentence using ‘no sooner than’ in place of ‘As soon as’)
(iv) If he does not work properly, he will be punished. (Begin with : unless he )
(v) She was reading since 8 O’clock. (Change into Present Perfect Continuous Tense)
(vi) She speaks Marathi at home. (Change into Passive Voice)
(vii) (1) Gopal is my friend.
(2) He has topped the merit list. (Combine both sentences making a relative clause) [2011]
(i) Are they not eager to learn?
(ii) He works hard so that he may pass the examination.
(iii) No sooner do the rats see the cat than they run away.
(iv) Unless he works properly, he will be punished.
(v) She has been reading since 8 O’clock.
(vi) Marathi is spoken at home by her.
(vii) Gopal who is my friend has topped the merit list.

C. (i) Our team won the match. (Change into Past Perfect Tense) [2009, 10]
(ii) The earth is not as big as the sun. (Rewrite using ‘bigger than’)
(iii) Hockey is played by him. (Change into active voice)
(iv) Students respect their teachers. (Change into interrogative)
(v) He was a poor child. (Change into interrogative) [2009]
(vi) He is my friend. (Add’a question tag)
(vii) I saw a beautiful bird. (Rewrite using ‘relative clause’) [2014]
(viii) They are cutting the tree. (Change into Present Perfect) [2013]
(i) Our team had won the match.
(ii) The sun is bigger than the earth.
(iii) He plays hockey.
(iv) Do students respect their teachers?
(v) Was he a poor child?
(vi) He is my friend. Isn’t he?
(vii) I saw a bird who was beautiful.
(viii) They have cut the tree.

D. (i) Earth turns on its axis. (Rewrite using suitable article where necessary)
(ii) Gwalior is not as big as Bhopal. (Rewrite using comparative degree)
(iii) He is so young that he cannot run fast. (Rewrite the sentence using ‘too’)
(iv) Sudhir gave me a pen. (Change into past perfect tense) [2014]
(v) India exports tea. (Change the voice)
(vi) I saw a beautiful bird. (Rewrite using relative clause)
(vii) Monu is hard working. Sonu is not so. (Combine the sentence using ‘than’) [2009]
(viii) (1) Who is the dancer?
(2) The chief guest wanted to know. (Combine the sentence using a noun clause) [2011]
(ix) Unless you work hard, you cannot make up your loss. (Transform into a compound sentence) [2013]
(i) The Earth turns on its axis.
(ii) Bhopal is bigger than Gwalior.
(iii) He is too young to run fast.
(iv) Sudhir had given me a pen.
(v) Tea is exported by India.
(vi) I saw a bird which was beautiful.
(vii) Monu is hard working than Sonu.
(viii) The chief guest wanted to know who is the dancer.
(ix) Work hard or you cannot make up your loss.

E. (i) Mr. Sharma teaches us English. (Change into Present Perfect Tense)
(ii) When Kiran called I was (sleep). (Use the correct form of the verb and rewrite the sentence)
(iii) We do not hate the poor. (Change into Passive Voice) [2013]
(iv) An honest man is trusted by all. (Change into active Voice)
(v) The boy is my brother. He is wearing a red cap. (Combine the sentences using relative clause)
(vi) My sister is a doctor. My sister lives in Bhopal. (Combine the sentences with the conjunction ‘who’) [2009]
(vii) (1) He did not come to school on time.
(2) He did not complete his homework. (Combine the sentences into a compound sentence using ‘neither….nor’) [2011]
(viii) Hari opens the gate in the morning. (Change into Future indefinite Tense) [2012]
(ix) He purchased a new can (Change into interrogative) [2012]
(x) I will get ready. Wait till then. (Combine the sentences to make a complex sentence) [2013]
(xi) Where do you live?. (Change into past simple) [2014]
(xii) My aunt (walk) in the garden when I met her. (Use the correct tense and rewrite) [2014]
(xiii) The weather is so hot. I cannot go outside. (Combine using too-to) [2015]
(i) Mr. Sharma has taught us English.
(ii) When Kiran called I was sleeping.
(iii) The poor are not hated by us.
(iv) All trust an honest man.
(v) The boy who is wearing a red cap is my brother.
(vi) My sister who lives in a Bhopal is a doctor.
(vii) He neither comes to school on time nor complete his homework.
(viii) Hari will open the gate in the morning.
(ix) Did he purchase a new car?
(x) Wait till I get ready.
(xi) Where did you live?
(xii) Was walking.
(xiii) Weather is too hot for me to go outside.

F. (i) They have changed the date of the meeting. (Change into passive voice) [2016]
(ii) That he failed in the examination was unfortunate. (Rewrite the sentence beginning with ‘It’ ) [2016]
(iii)(a) The man is the captain of the team.
(b) The man is wearing a blue cap. (Combine the sentences into relative clause using ‘who’) [2016]
(a) The car is badly damaged.
(b) It cannot be repaired. (Combine into simple sentence using too – to) [2016]
(iv) He goes to school at ten. (Frame a question using ‘when’) [2016]
(v) He can’t drive a car.
(vi) He can’t ride a motor-cycle. (Combine the sentences using ‘neither—nor’) [2016]
(vii) Unless you work hard you will not pass. (Rewrite the sentence beginning with) [2016]
(i) The date of meeting has been changed by them.
(ii) It was unfortunate that he failed in the examination.
(iii) The man who is wearing a blue cap is the captain of the team.
(iv) The car is too much damaged that it cannot be repaired.
(v) When does he go to school?
(vi) He can neither drive a car not ride a motor-cycle.
(vii) If you do not work hard, you will not pass.

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