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MP Board Class 10th English The Rainbow Workbook Solutions Chapter 7 Report of An Adjudged Case

For the sake of students we have gathered the complete 10th English The Rainbow Workbook Special English Chapter 7 Report of An Adjudged Case Questions and Answers can provided in pdf Pattern. Refer the chapter wise MP Board Class 10th English Solutions Questions and Answers Topics and start the preparation. You can estimate the importance of each chapter, find important English grammar concepts which are having more weightage. Concentrate on the important grammar topics from Madhya Pradesh Board Solutions for 10th English Chapter 7 Report of An Adjudged Case Questions and Answers PDF, prepare well for the exam.

Report of An Adjudged Case Vocabulary

I. Write synonyms of the following words:
(i) dispute
(ii) pray
(iii) condemn
(iv) wise
(i) disagreement
(ii) worship
(iii) damn
(iv) talented

II. Use the following expressions in your own sentences.

(a) point in dispute
The main point in dispute is still clueless.

(b) a great deal of
A great deal of work has to be done.

(c) which amounts to
I had spent a lot for it which amounts to nearly one lakh.

(d) on the whole
On the whole I got the victory.

Listening Skill

Listen to this humorous poem.

See Workbook’pages 54-55

Now, answer the following questions:

Question 1.
What was the first question asked by the young man?
“Is it right to stand on head in old age?”

Question 2.
What was Father William’s reply?
He will stand on his head again and again.

Question 3.
What was the reason of his back-somersault at the door?
Because he was uncommonly fat.

Question 4.
What was the cost of the ointment used by Father William?
One shilling the box.

Question 5.
Why was Father William able to eat the goose?
Because his jaws were very strong.

Speaking Skill

1. Imagine that the teacher’s table and your desk are talking to each other about your class. While the table has some nasty things to say about the class (occasional noisy classes, some children irregular in doing their work, some in the habit of arguing, etc.) the desk is appreciative. It is proud of the achievers. It also believes that children should not be judged harshly. Form two groups in the class, the table group and the bench group. Now speak out your point as per the given role.
Do yourself.

Reading Skill

Read the poem

See Workbook pages 56-60

A. Now answer the following questions:

Question 1.
What does a law firm require?
It requires a general clerk.

Question 2.
Who handles diversified work?
A clerk handles diversified work.

Question 3.
What should an applicant know?
An applicant should know the proceedings related to pleadings.

Question 4.
Why should an applicant be not slow?
This drawback would put him in problems.

Question 5.
How should an applicant look like?
An applicant should have a handsome physique.

B. (i) Make sentences using the following words to bring out their:
(a) legal usage
(b) general usage

  • Harish pleaded to be allowed to meet his friend once again.
  • She pleaded with him to go.


  • I was present at the time of a court hearing.
  • My grandmother’s hearing is poor


  • Mr. Jain’s bail was granted.
  • God granted my wish.


  • Several charges have been thrusted on Mr. Sharma.
  • What are the charges of these dresses?


  • I have appealed in the court.
  • The beauty of Taj Mahal appeals to one and all.


  • He is on trial for killing his friend.
  • I have been appointed for a trial period


  • No objections were made at that time.
  • I have no objection to talk to him.

(ii) Pick out some such more words from the given poem.
Do yourself.

Writing Skill

Question 1.
Write a letter to the Principal of your school to plead pardon as a window pane had been broken by you. (50 words)
The Principal
SD Convent Bhopal
Subject: To plead pardon Sir,
I am sorry to say that the window pane of my class was broken while I was opening it. It happened so because it was not properly shut. Still I beg your pardon for it.
Yours Sincerely
Class X A

Question 2.
‘United we stand divided we fall’, elaborate the thought. (150 words)
It is a very old but meaningful thought. Unity gives us strength and confidence. It fills us with a sense of oneness. Our country is a great example to prove it. Our country is an amalgamation of many diversities. Right from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, there are so many different cultures, ways of living, languages, religions that one can feel amazed. Still we see the whole nation salute the tricolour. They sing the national anthem in unison. The national language is Hindi. They honour the unified judiciary and the Constitution. Whenever there is an unprecedented terrorist attack the whole nation is unified against it. If such a unity fails we are threatended to many attacks. We have seen many riots due to such disunity.

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